Mr Woo, 12 today!..not MS

For anyone who remembers my posts, from way back, when he came to live with us… not looking bad for 84 (in dog years,of course!) still barking mad, slowing down (a bit, just a little bit) just sent the breeder a picture of him!

Happy birthday to Mr Woo… I take it Mr Woo is a dog…

Yes, beautiful he is too! has more than lived up to the 1st photo I ever saw of him a real character!

Happy birthday Mr Woo. My Monte puss is 12 in March. Amazing how fast the time goes by.


It is, fortunately he has always been very healthy ,the vet thought he was about 3,amazed when he looked over his notes, same practice - different surgery!..he has lost 3 teeth now, so not too bad.

Hi my cat Daisy will be eighteen in June! We had three cats but sadly lost the other two one at fifteen and the other at sixteen think Daisy is a little lonely on her own. Sue

wow, 18! that’s amazing,so happy early birth,day to Daisy! hope Mr Woo manages as long 12-14 is the average, not been too lucky with cats one run over and sister had leukaemia, they were full of personality.

enjoy mr woo each and every day.

singing george formby chinese laundry blues now!

altogether now “oh mr woo, what can i do, i’ve got those chinese laundry blues”

or summat like that.

What breed is Mr Woo? we have 2 jack russell’s who are both 16!. The bitch was mine and the boy was My wife’s and we have all been living together for over 12 years.

He is a Chinese crested…doesn’t suffer from any of the troubles associated with his breed ie. skin and teeth (only lost 3, and not at the side, which makes their tongue stick out!)

Have to ask my sis if she can play that on the ukelele!

Ha ha, my boy Jack is looking old and skinny and is pretty slow most of the time and sleeps the rest of the time,Bella is still pretty lively and looks really fit but only has about 3 teeth left so her tongue hangs out the front and one of the teeth she has got left 9 times out of ten when she closes mouth sits outside top lip!

It seems to be the reason Chinese cresteds usually get voted the ugliest dog in the world! - which they aren’t, they do tend to lose their teeth quite early, however they do start with two more than most, my husband quite likes the idea of a jack russell he agrees now that a lurcher or another German Shepherd would be too much.