Heartbroken ... Not ms

Mr Woo made the final journey to the vet on Wednesday. So upset, much loved and missed always.

So sorry to read this, it’s sad when we lose a much loved companion. Take care


Thanks Val, he was very poorly, still hard though.

Maude I’m so sorry for your loss . Who was Mr Woo ?

He was my beautiful Chinese crested dog, he was 13

I’m so very sorry to hear this sad news. Sending you hugs. xx

Maude, we have a dog (cockapoo) ourselves, he, sorry she is the one that keeps me company 24/7…the connection to your own animals (we also have a rabbit BTW) simply cannot be replaced! Still, visit a vet nearby and fall in love again (when the time is right of course) with another needy animal…, we did so and it works. Take care.

He kept hubby going after he came back after the earthquake in Haiti, special little dog.

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So sorry to hear of your loss Maude.

Very best to you.

Mr Woo rest in peace.


Sorry to hear your sad news.


Thank you, still looking for him and making sure the doors are shut to keep him in

Thank you

Thanks, he’s not suffering now

so sad when we loose a beloved pet.sorry to hear you have lost your much loved Mr Woo.x