Have I lost my legs !!

Hi All,

I woke up this morning to find I could not move my legs !!

Is this the day it happens I thought !!

To my shock, " NO " it’s the cat sleepng on my feet !!


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ha ha!

so you’ve got a porker of a puss! we have 2 cats, an old one who has lost weight due to thyroid problem and a younger one who has piled weight on and looks like a tank!

needless to say i prefer the old one to sleep on my legs!

carole x

We have 2 strays, were strays,

1 is called “Mary” but we found out she’s a he when we took mary to the vet - abit like a rag doll when you pick her up !! wants to be close to you all the time.

The other, we call “Eric” (Boo Boo) after a friend in the village, A very angry local always “anti” lts you stroke im once then he attacks !! Eric does my garden.

they are great characters (cats i mean, not the villagers)

tiger is the old one, belongs to my eldest son. she is as soft as you like.

george is the younger one, belongs to my youngest son.

george always looks like she wants you to to tickle her tum, throws herself at your feet and rolls over,

its very tempting to tickle her with a bare foot but… teeth and claws attack!!!

carole x

Can’t say I’m a fan of cats. As well as two old cavalier king Charles spaniels, we also have a one year old German Shepherd who is my baby and is as nutty as a fruit cake :slight_smile:

Use to have 2 x Black Germanshepards, best friends anyone could ask for.

But sadly they have passed on and I haven’t been able to walk properly, so if you can’t take care of them !!

I would have another at a drop of a hat, but unfortunately MS says no


Andy, l have two Rotties - both rescue - and a lovely shepherd rescued from the Brasov mountains in Romania. She is 11 months old now- has full passport - rabies jabbed etc. l take them out - me on my Tramper all-terrain scooter. We get over the fields and the woods in all weathers. Reg - my young rottie, went missing when l was out with them one day last week. The crop in the field was about 4ft high [oil seed rape] and l think he got lost. So he went back to where l had turned off the road to go into the fields to wait for me. A police car coming past saw him and stopped. The policeman could read my phone number on Reg’s collar tag. So he was ringing me. When l got back to the road - there they were. The policeman said Reg would not let him get hold of his collar - he just kept backing away from him.

Once l was there he let the policeman make lots of fuss of him. The PC said how much he liked dogs - and was worried Reg might step onto the road. l thought how good that was of him. l have had several beautiful GSDs and always a Rottie - They are my best friends - and they are the reason l get up in the morning. Even if l go back to bed with them and a coffee - after l have let them up the garden then fed them all. They are a lot of work - muddy feet - dog hair everywhere - but l would not be without them.

Just been to Tesco - and there was a chap shopping and he had a Lab pup - trainee guide dog - with him. Could only have been about 5 months old. - but l could tell its hips were bad - walking very ‘stilted’ - so he will not make the grade. Poor thing. My Romanian Shepherd was born with a hip deformity - and the rescue charity paid for her to have an op to correct it - when she was only 6weeks old. She is fine now - very athlectic. l did take her for hydrotherapy for several weeks when she first arrived. This dog was actually born without a tail.

Hi Spacejacket,

I have always rescued GSD, “Major, Bruno and Pips” they are lovely to own and once they accept you as boss, they are your mates for life.
We have their ashes, so they will go were ever we go, and were all in it together !!! Even the cats !!!

We used to enjoy sperating on a walk, and watch them panic !! trying to get me and the wife back together, as a pack.

If ever you want to read about GSD rescue try my charity - based in surrey, we were able to get all our dogs from them.


My GS girl loves going in the car to fields. My daughter comes too and I’m able to walk a short distance with my stick so I’ll stop one end and my daughter will go to the other end then we take turns calling her. She absolutely LOVES it :slight_smile:

The good people who work for the ABLDR - a better life dog rescue - are all GSD folk. Many of the Romanian dogs are a GSD type - this charity works at neutering/rehoming dogs of all ages. My first GSD was from RAF Lyneham - too friendly as a guard dog. He lived with his handler and young family - who were being posted to Malta and could not take him. l had him until he died age 14. Beautiful looking dog - l looked up his breeder as the address was near my friend in Wales. Only to find this dogs mother was kept on a chain 24/7 and continuously bred from. lt was appalling - l was tempted to go back and ‘steal’ her - but l knew they would only get another. They were farmers - and the wife made money from ‘puppy farming’. That was 45yrs ago - and it still goes on.