My Animals are my power!

Kind of weird post more happy then sad :slight_smile:

I just thought I would share my love for my animals as it’s no lie they are my power, whenever I feel I can’t go on I know they need me.

Even at the hardest times and I can’t walk I would crawl to get to them.

They make me feel happy and give me a reason to carry on.

I am affraid of death because I have a tortoise and I need to find a really good place to leave her to, I don’t have any children and I am 32 years old and more then likely too ill now to have any :frowning: So I will spend the rest of my days looking and wont give up :slight_smile:

A really lovely post. I’m the same, huge animal lover. When I lost my dad two years ago, it was not expected at all and on boxing day. The next three months were a blur, but my gorgeous dog gave me a reason to get up everyday and get fresh air. I’m a crazy pet owner though, 4 cats and 2 dogs. Love the bones of them. It’s sad, but thoughtful, thinking ahead. L xx

I’m animal mad too, and have a rescue cat, guinea pigs and fish. I used to do more charity work with an animal sanctuary but have had to put that on hold since becoming ill. Moogle star, if you are worried about re homing your tortoise when you feel you need to, you can contact the Tortoise Trust for help (sorry if you already know this). They rehomed my grandmother’s tortoises when she became ill and were brilliant, even collecting them.

Aww thankyou Puddinglover I take all their advice but didn’t know they did that aswell :slight_smile: That is really good toknow thankyou! is there any chance you know if they allow visits if you are able?

Hi Moogle Star, A thought provoking post.

I too love all my companions. My dogs are my life, my parrot talks non stop (wonder where he gets it from!) and the horses well their soft velvety muzzles are always searching for that hidden treat in my pocket. They give me a reason to get up and out and believe me in this weather it would be easy to hibernate. Their unconditional love is all enveloping, their sense of fun when I am down lifts me. The dogs seem to know when all is not well and they gently lay their head on my lap or lay at my feet. When energy levels are higher they will join in the fun and play the fool. I never have to explain anything to my animals they just know. My father’s dog was a super show dog, winning many times but when my father became ill, he was his constant companion and whenever I tried to take him out to a show leaving Dad at home with Mum and the elderly dog, this dog would fret and not be happy so I gave up trying and let him stay at home with Dad where he was happiest, he knew all was not well with Dad and wanted to be with him. Such loyalty and compassion. I could never be without a dog or two. I have made provisions with our breed rescue for the dogs. My son will take the parrot (his parrot left with us when he left home) and our daughter will keep the horses.

My dogs even sit with me, like now, when insomnia strikes and everyone else is snoring away they keep me company and are awake and attentive even though I know they would rather be snoring in their beds. They ask so little in return for a lifetime of love and loyalty.

My life would kinda empty without my 4 cats 2 dogs,my pals! i do alot of work for my local dogshelter in Limassol where unfortunatly there is a never ending surply of sad, sad storys, but given a little time and love, they give so much back, it makes you feel good and takes the blues away for a while, luvem

tc Julien,

Just want to say, what a lovely, heart warming thread this is. I love my big dog Ben too. He’s a rescue dog…I think he chose us :slight_smile: He’s big, red, fluffy and a big softie…children and grown ups love him. He’s well known in Bonny Bridlington :slight_smile:

I have three rescue cats who I love to bits. When I’m feeling rubbish and have no energy to do the things I should be doing, at least I have a purpose giving them a warm lap to nap on :slight_smile:

l was talking with a group of girl-friends - and l was telling them about my new ‘Romanian Rescue pup’ - and they were asking how my two older Rotties were getting on with her. The new pup ‘Bliss’ is a real bossy boots. And we were laughing about the antics they get up to. Then one of my friends [who has never had a pet] - said ‘l think you prefer animals to people’ - and we all said ‘Of course we do’. She could not understand. l know they can be hard work - especially this weather - mop the floor - then mop again.

Mine like to help themselves to logs out of the basket - and l then end up with kindling once they have chewed them to bits! Sometimes its the cushions that get it - tug o war - and l end up with all the filling floating about like snow. The new pup - steals clothes off the airer - and l now have some ‘Holy’ underwear. l have just swept up the remains of several plastic flowerpots - that have kept them entertained for a while. lts good exercise for me to clean up after them.

They know as soon as l pick up my mobile phone /hat/gloves- that we are about to go out on the scooter - and rush out and even try to put their own leads/harness on.

We have horses/ducks/hens/cats as well as the dogs. l did keep polecat ferrets - had several - most rescued. When the last one died of old age - 14 - l did not get anymore. l am not quick enough on my legs to chase after and bend down to grab them!! l loved my ferrets. Great fun.

Good advice about the Tortoise Trust. - We do need to consider what will happen to our pets when we can’t look after them. Thats why l decided to have this puppy. She could live an average of 15yrs - and l am now 66 - so possibly my last chance of having a puppy.

What a wonderful post.

I totally am so with you on your words.

My beautiful Shepherd, Charlie (he is my avatar) is my best friend. He knows when I am having a bad day and won’t leave my side. He is a rescue dog and is only 2yrs old and 42kgms. He is a lovely dog. We had a Shepherd before Charlie who was also adorable and before that a labrador. I love dogs!! They are so loyal!!

Shazzie xx


yes-some great replies to this. i had a cat until 6 months ago-milly had been with us (from cat prtoection league) for 4yrs or so. she just went out and never came back. i have not replaced her because i feel that even to feed a cat these days would be hard for me BUT i talk to my daughters goldfish every day! can say what i like cos neither it or me can recall what we discuss (it doesnt reply-only listens before some tell the papers re the talking goldfish!when i was really poorly last year and mum was caring for me her cat would not leave me in the bed until i was asleep. she knew i was asleep when the cat (ernie) appeared back in the livingroom…


Here is a link to the tortoise rehoming page I don’t know about visiting, but one of my grandmother’s tortoises was rehomed to Cornwall, hundreds of miles away! Hers didn’t have all the papers and I had to sign loads of forms estimating how long they had been in the country etc.

This is all nice that there is so many animal lovers out there :slight_smile:

I prob love the animals alot of people would look away at. I have two rats at the moment but in the past 8 years I have had 20 and most of them are rescue rats or rats from petshops that no one can handle so they call on me. I am known as the rat whisperer around here :stuck_out_tongue:

I have always loved mice and have had so many in my life, at the moment I have one pet life who is lived way over his life span :slight_smile: and a Spiny mouse I was given by my college. They are mice from africa and they have spines rather then furr he is a real character :slight_smile:

I do also have a dog She is a Jack russell rescued after first owners had a children and could no longer take care of the dog, then had another owner who was an old man and sadly he died and she was locked in the house for 3 weeks until she was found :frowning: So when she choose us she was skinny looking alot like a whippet. However times have changed and she looks healthy now :stuck_out_tongue:

Puddinglover Thankyou for the link I am 32 at the moment so I hope to live on many years with my tortoise before I need to think about this, but it’s good to know there is a place is all goes wrong :slight_smile: