Finally my appeal.

Ok this is an appeal I put in 2 years ago and they have finally got back to me. I called them last month and told them I was going away for 3 and a half weeks so they knew this yet they decide this is the perfect time to send it now 2 weeks ago and I now only have 2 weeks to prepare eep! I just got back from New Zealand and I seem to be still jet lag after 6 days! grr there timing is unreal but I will be glad when it’s all over!

I hope everyone is doing the best they can and Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

Good luck with the appeal.

I hope you are ok at the moment? Hows Clint?

Have a lovely christmas and Happy new year!

Take care


Good luck. :slight_smile: x

Good luck from me too hun.

luv Pollxx

Thanx for the support everyone :slight_smile:

Treek Clint is fine she is going into hibernation on friday, how is Pebbles doing?

Sorry I meant Teresa

Treek is my nick-name so you can call me either! I’ve been called worse! lol!

I have found out pebbles is a boy! I thought he was a girl but i saw that as he grew there was something that definately was not female! ha ha ha!

He now gets called Fred! I decided not to hibernate this year because he had a time where he was not eating very well so i have kept him awake. Didn’t want to risk it really. I have managed to buy a beer fridge on e-bay though so will hibernate next year.

Take care hun and have a nice christmas.


Cool! We thought Clint was a boy and ended up to be a girl :stuck_out_tongue: Then I found out you can tell from the shape of their shells oops.

Well I hate to say it but when they stop eatting in the cold that can mean they want to hibernate but nevermind. He is still young it don’t tend to matter too much until they get to 5 years old :slight_smile:

Plus theres no need to worry about them not eating too much. Every year before Hibernation I fast (no food at all) Clint for 3 and half weeks that shows how hard these animals are.

Merry Christmas!

He went off his food when the weather was still warm. I dont know why! he was still out in the garden so i don’t think he would have wanted to hibernate It was a mystery! He is ok now but because i felt he had not stored up enough nutrients i decided the hibernation would be a risk.

It took him a while to get used to the tortoise table instead of the vivarium as it was not as warm. I think this is what messed up his eating. I will try next year.