Oleg has finally arrived

Allo mateys!

About 3 months ago, we changed fuel providors and went through compare the meerkat.com…I chose baby Oleg as my gift…well we waited and waited…hubby kept tracking his journey…he went hither and thither all over the world!

Well today he arrived…oh he is gorgeous…quite small, but so sweet. His onesie has a whole cut out for his little tail…rear…not front! His cudde cocoon is lmost as big as him. He has an adoption certificate and a lovely letter from Alexsandr…written just the way he speaks.

He`s made me smile.

luv Polx


l LOVE the go compare the meerkats ads. l could watch them all the time - they should make a series. l used to keep polecat ferrets. And they look just like the meerkats. They were so comical - full of fun and liked to chase about indoors with the dogs. l use to give them a shampoo every couple of weeks - wrap them in a towel and they would roll about on a bath mat in ecstasy. The little Oleg is so cute.

Glad he has made you smile.

Hi Frances.

I also have a family of knitted meerkats, sitting on the sideboard and another stone family in the garden. I love them all.

luv Pollx

I ordered a meerkat about Feb sometime, I have wanted a meerkat for so long. I am still waiting, sergai is travellng all over europe still no doubt lol Hopefully Alexsandr will arrive soon.

I agree they should have a tv show, i love to watch the adverts.

Aaahhh can’t beat a new arrival! :wink:

Freckles xxx

My dog loves meerkats…Went to Cheddar Gorge…found one in a shop picked it up …wont part with it…what do i feed it

I’m waiting for the Stork to deliver Oleg too.

Pauline xxx

I have the Argos alien family to & Charlotte.

The alien adverts are funny. I saw there was an argos alien behind tills in argos it wasn’t for sale though. How did you buy your alien family?

I Asked the cashier she typed cat no. in, they are cheap to.



Thanks Polly, that’s great news, I will have to buy them lol

congratulations on your new arrival

carole x

I thought it was holding a glow worm? Love it. Congratulations to you all xx

My hubby is saying he wants to put Oleg on ebay. I said No, hes mine. Leave him alone`.

Son in law`s been today and said why not put him on ebay…asked what purpose he has?

Makes me smile, I said.

Hubby said he`ll sell him when I am in Blackers…well, Oleg is going with me, so there!



Hey poll, definitely take Oleg with you and get him insured, he’s going for up to £70 on ebay.

Trust no-one with him hehe.

Pauline xx

Oh, we are so jealous!!!

Lara and I love the Meerkats. We have Mia and flippin eck can’t think of him now.The one in the leather jacklet!!

Its time for the house insurance coming up oon, so it looks like we will be getting an Oleg. That cure little face.

C x

Hi, Oleg is so cute aand not always crying or wanting attention, like on tv!

I love Bodrum…is that the one with the leather jacket?

Oleg took ages to arrive!