Say goodbvye to baby Oleg here......

Unless you have already sent him a care package on the website…what a shock on Christmas day! could they?, bye bye Baby Oleg, stay safe and visit us soon!

Just seen part of a meerkat advert - so they have left Oleg in Africa? - Love them - think they should make a full-length series of them - use bits of Corrie as the adverts!

For years l kept polecat ferrets - and the cartoon meerkats look just like them. Would love to have some more - but l am not quick and nimble enough to run after them and pick them up now. They are so fast - and mischievious.

Lets hope they come up with new meerkat characters.

Had a neighbour who used to have a ferret (think it was) on a lead! they are all too cute…and too quick!.

The Meerkats are up to something.Is Oleg going to help the Ebola effort,will there be a search party in a few months/years,will Sergei be lowered to the ground one day?..What a marvellous way of making us all pay attention to, and delve into the Ether for updates.Meerkat marketing effigies will be more highly sought after…It’ll probably be the most remembered event of christmas 2014


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Just seen it as I was reading this lol I would choose to start too!

I know, I think it is heartbreaking how Alexander and Sergay have left baby Oleg behind. I hope he will be safe. I am so glad I have my own baby Oleg with me. X