You like my baby Oleg? he arrived today, after many weeks of waiting, along with his grub

He’s got a nappy on under his romper…so cute!! Got my baby powder ready for the nappy changes…my daughter’s lost for words



i made me smile thinking of your daughter’s face!

enjoy playing with him.

carole x

Watch out for the lions - l am worried about Olegs safety on Safari. Sergi and Alexander are not looking after him very well.

I know spacejacket! That’s been worrying me :frowning:

I also have a baby Oleg! He is bootiful. I have taken him out of his box and made a blue gingham cot, with lace edged pillow. He loves it!


That’s not fair poll-I’m jealous now :frowning: Last night he was cold, so I covered him with one of my white muslin cloths. Wonder if I could ask my daughter to make me a cot bed-she’s good with a needle and thread…I’ll get on to that one toot sweet!

Did you get the Grub as well poll though?:slight_smile:

Yeh, he lies beside Oleg. I also made them a duvet, with a cream silk bow on the front.


Tell me honestly now…doyou keep up with Oleg’s diary on the website? Such a cute Easter

piture of Oleg wih bunny ears Lol

Aison x

Don’t know what happened there! sorry

I hope you know Poll!!! I’m jumping up and down reading this and turning green

I am loving this thread. Oleg has lots of people looking after him i hope he looks after his owners too. Having a rough time tonight and thinking of you all caring for Oleg has made me look at all my cuddly toys and make sure they are all comfortable.

maude, how could you even think to ask that question…I am shocked!! Of course I read baby Oleg’s diary and watch the videos.

I was so tearful to see little baby Oleg, cast away on the doorstep at least it was the loving steps of Sergei and Alexsandr

No more doubting questions now maude…tut tut. BTW, are you any good at sewing?


((((((hugs)))))) Barney. I hope you’re in dream land now and all your cuddly toys are settled :slight_smile:

Do you think toys stil come alive at night? If the do, the Oleg and Grub have a fab tine with my knitted meerkats and pottery ones.


I think they do Poll. I made sure my baby Oleg was on his back before I went to bed…in case he was sick This morning!! he was on his side…goodness only knows what he and grub have been up to


i love this thread!!

my sister (46 yr old) wants a sloth.

i come from a family of mad frogs!

carole x

Oh Blosssom, not doubing you,just wondered I feel a bit less childish to know others do too! I used to sew all the time, cutains, cusions,clothes, bedding, fancy dress, Sata suits, gnome outfits(for the kids Christmas party in Cyprus, I’m told they were very hot!) used to knit and cross stich, make cards, too, annoys me more than a little that we moved directly across from the proprietor of the wool shop I used to frequent! She retird last week, might have had some discount if,big ifI could still manage any of it ook me 2 days t hem one curtain last week!..big cutain though - still would only have taken me 2 mins or sont so long ago, Ithink cutting out is totally beyond me now,can’t see straight and a bit dangerous with scissors!

My great nephew loves sloths too, he’s only one mind, all the cudly ones are for 3+, very annoying as there is a lov one on Amazon…should you be thinking of buying sis pressie

I WANT ONE, just think, unconditional love, no answering back, lovely cuddles. This is were I’ve been going wrong!!!