our babby`s in vets

Hi all, our little Sophie is at the vets today...shes having some baby teeth out that wont come out on their own and the new ones are through! She can give a right nip when laying.

She is also being spayed…poor little darling wont know which hurts most! But thankfully, dogs recover quickly and dont play on stuff, like humans can!!!

Got to ring up at 2pm to see how she is.

The house is just wrong without her.


pulling the teeth will probably make her feel better and if your little one is like ours when she was spayed, you would never have thought she just had a major operation

(and thank you for being a responsible pet owner in getting her spayed :smiley: )

Awww Poll. Bless little Sophie. I bet the time is really dragging. Only an hour to go.

Bet you can’t wait to give her lots of cuddles.

I remember when we have had our babies neutered/spayed aloe vera was so soothing when their little scars started to heal and made them a bit itchy. Mika used to roll ovr so we could put it round her scar. She loved it.

Let us know how she gets on.

(((Hugs))) for you and Sophie.

Shazzie xx

She will soon feel better and she’ll forgive you.

How’s Sophie Poll?


((((((((Sophie)))))))) xxx