poor Soph!


bad times for little Sophie and us.

She went to have baby teeth out and spaying on thursday. came home and slept a few hours. then began nibbling her stitiches…yesterday morning got a headcollar for her, which she hated and kept getting a leg stuck in it. took it off for tea…she jumped up so much and pulled stitches out…blood…lots of blood…her bowel fell out…hubby rushed her to vet for emergency surgery.

vet brought her home at 7pm…in a cage…she looked at me and started jumping and yelping…more bleeding.vet took her to night hospital…rang this morning…ok…gonna get her at 3pm ish.

oh lord it is so awful…


Eeewwwww Boudica !!! They do that, pulling stitches… our kitten went for the op and wouldn’t wear the collar. The vet looked at me like i was abusing her ! No bowel s though. Save that for the zombie flick…

That’s awful Poll I hope she recovers quickly.

Jan x

Oh Poll I do hope little Sophie will be OK, poor thing she will need lots of extra cuddles.

Pam x

Oh no, so upsetting. Might it be a good idea to leave her in hospital for a few days so she stays calm and heals a little ?

I’m a huge animal lover and have 7 dogs of my own so I totally understand that Soph is family and how distressing this has been for you.

I hope she makes a good recovery now. Please keep us posted xx

Oh Polly that must have been horrible for you to see i hope that this has now been sorted and Sophie can recover from this,maybe putting her in a quiet room so she can rest for a couple of days will help so she,s not going to get to excited when she sees you.

Lots of hugs coming your way .


Oh Poll, poor Sophie, poor you! They just can’t understand it’s for their own good. When my cat was hit by a car and in hospital it was just dreadful. I remember worrying that he would be so scared. The vets can do wonderful things to fix the poor babies though. I’m sure we’ll all be thinking positive, healing thoughts for you and hoping all will be well.

Sue xx

poor little thing :frowning: seconding the recommendation she stay at the vets, (if affordable) so she stays calmer

Allo all. Thank you for your kind words. We brought Sophie home at 3.30pm. She was in the cage and could still get at her stitches. Took her out and she slept …I did too…for a couple of hours in my recliner. She had some chicken and water. Then my overnight carer came and between us, we held her all night.

Vet says she would be more stressed away from us at vet’s. What a kind man he is! You know he didn’t charge us for the overnight stay! Gonna be a long few days and nights!

Luv Poll, Bev,Mr Poll and of course darling Sophie xx

Oh you poor things, hope Sophie is better soon x x x x

Oh Poll. Poor little Sophie.

We are all thinking of you all. Lots of treats for little Sophie.

Charlie sends her hugs too. I told him all about her.


Shazzie xx

Hoping Sophie makes a speedy recovery and sending you all (((hugs)))

Jo x

I’m so sorry your little dog has been so poorly, from past experience I know most dogs do not like the lampshade collars so wonder if something like this http://www.amazon.co.uk/Buster-279805-Inflatable-Collar-M/dp/B007GH3UES/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1437908979&sr=8-1&keywords=medical+dog+collar will work. There are different types made so well worth a search of the net.

Hope you all recover soon.

Ohhh Poll - so sorry to hear about Sophie. Glad she’s home with you and hope she (and you) soon feeling much better.


Hazel xx

Poll - do look for the inflatable collar - they are more comfortable to dogs and cats then the Buster collars. Had to take one of my rotties to the vets on friday. She did not look well at all. And we found her glands in her neck were very swollen and hard. lt hurt her to eat - didn’t stop her eating though. lt was just our luck that a friend - who also has rotties came to see us. He said he would run us down to the vets and take her in. Steep steps up to my vets door!!. She was so good at being examined - and having her temp taken. Turns out it was an infection. We think it was hurting her ears/throat/jaw/nose and eyes. So no wonder she was feeling bad.

Much better to-day after magic injection and pills. My young bitch had keyhole surgery when she was spayed - and just 2 staples. She did not seem to even know she had been done.

Hope Sophie will be happier tomorrow - she will be more relaxed at home with her mum.

I’m so pleased to hear she is doing ok and having all those cuddles. Fingers crossed she continues her recovery and is back to her old self soon.

love and hugs to you and Soph

Janet x


twas a long night again last night. she seems to want holding close and firmly. if we make the slightest move, she jumps and goes to bite herself.

post op vest coming tomorrow.

she wont try to wee on floor…wets herself…a good way to go yet…