she`s had a poo!!!!

innit a wonderful topic?

Sophie`s first poo since her first op last Thursday!

And she is sitting next to me instead of on me and in me neck!

The post op body vest is great…breathable, lightweight, and much better than the head collar…if only we had it before she burst her stitches…ah well…i believe she has turned a corner for the better today.


glad to hear sophies getting better hugs to you both ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))) xxxx


Sophie’s first post op poo - that’s great news Sounds like she’s starting on the road to recovery - you must be very relieved. Take care of you - as well as Sophie - the stress our poorly animals cause us is not good for us huh?

Hazel x

thats good news :slight_smile:

Well done Sophie, sounds like she’s on the mend Poll, so pleased for all of you.

Our lovely little furry friends give us so much pleasure and love, but worry us as well.

Pam x

in other news… our mighty bull terrier is refusing to eat pretty much everything apart from sardines. I cannot even convince her to eat a carrot!

The usual menu of minced beef, offal and green tripe, she has decided, is no longer acceptable.

what a precious bitch!

Aw lovely to hear she is on the mend after the scary experience you both had.

Snowqueen x

Paolo, For a dog not to want to eat is a serious matter. And a English Bull Terrier - especially. Are her glands up in her neck - sign of infection. l ask this as one of my Rotties was very poorly- last week. She was eating - but making a little squealing noise. Her teeth are good - so no sign of a abscess or ulcers. The vet examined her and took her temp. - which was high. And glands in neck like golfballs. She is OK now after a course of anti-biotics. But pain in her throat/neck/ears/eyes etc must have been making her feel pretty low.

My daughter has a EBT and also does lots of work re-homing/rescuing Bullies. My late father was in the Royal Navy in WW11 - and he was responsible for looking after the captains EBT on the ship. Exercising it and cleaning up after it!!! When he was demobbed - the first thing he did was get a EBT pup. l was a little baby in a highchair - when he came in with the pup inside his coat. Having brought it home on his motor-bike! He put the pup on the highchair’s table in front of me.

Daughters dog - runs alongside her mountain bike - on a special harness. For 9yrs old he is extremely fit - and slim.

Hope your ‘precious’ will be better soon. Our pets are so precious to us.

Hooray. Well done Sophie. What a relief for you Poll. So glad she’s getting better.


Another poo and a wee outside today! Wasn`t so great last night though…

when hubby came to bed at 11pm, he tried Sophie on a wee mat…no joy. Got undressed (ooo missus!) and she weed on his bed, away from the waterproof sheeting. Her vest was wet, so took it off, washed it and put it in the dryer…in the garage…10 mins later drying it more with hairdryer…put it back on her…changed his bed…got into bed…at 12.15!!! Knackered!

fun innit?


hello spacejacket.

thank you for your concern and it is so nice to hear that someone else appreciates a Bully. They can be an acquired taste :slight_smile:

about 6 months back Dizz (for that is her name) refused to eat everything and had no interest in food or water at all. a lot of weight was lost before a vet declared gastroenteritis (sp?)

she has been right as rain since then, until the last week or so. it has been relentlessly hot over recent weeks and her activity level has reduced. she has interest in eating (approaches her bowl expectantly even outside of usual feeding times) and although she will sniff and mouth everything offered to her, she only scoffs down a few select items.

she has felt hot (on the top of her head) but then again, we all have! she runs and fights and plays as good as ever and will drink like she’s trying to drown. she has just become a picky eater. some success has been found if her usually raw meat is boiled.

personally i think the best solution would be to buy her a boyfriend; but my missus has vetoed that idea straight away!

Is it not a well known fact you can’t beat a bit of bully ?

stay in the black and out of the red

you get nothing in this game for two in a bed

Super, smashing, great. You’ve won a caravan…

i was always entertained by the joyous disappointment written on the faces of those lucky enough to win a speed boat and trailer

Who lived in a council flat…

… in a suburb of Birmingham.