Hi Does anyone know how MrsH is doing since her op? Haven’t seen her on here and was wondering if she is doing ok. If your in touch with her, send her a hug from me Barney

Hi Barney,

She’s deffo been back since the op, so it went OK, but last I heard she was very tired. I’m not in touch with her other than through this board, so don’t have any more recent update than that, but she was definitely home from hospital - they didn’t keep her overnight.

Don’t know if that’s any advance on what you already knew.



Thanks she came on after she had just had the op but I haven’t seen her since.

Ah, sorry, I wasn’t sure if you’d seen that she’d been back. No further info, in that case. :frowning:


I’m in touch with her - she’s doing ok. I will pass on that you are thinking of her and get her to log on here x

Thanks Sunshine

Hi all Sorry…I just havent had the strength. I was ok for a couple of days after the op…a mix of adrenaline and meds !! But then went downhill really quickly and have been out of it for about a week…I think !!! The infection spread into my blood and what with that and a gaping hole on my neck / collarbone. It’s been a scary time. At one point I just felt overwhelmed, as if my body was giving up. I couldn’t eat but was gulping water frantically. I’m now on my fifth course of antibiotics with a nurse coming daily. She reopened a tiny bit of the wound that had healed, yesterday and lo and behold, there was still some infection which she cleaned out. My life, did that hurt. There was then lots of fresh blood which she says us a good sign. The dressing was certainly clean today and still looks it. Nothing is seeping through. So I think I made it around the corner. I have resisted hospital all the way through and now feel a bit daft but I really, really hate them with a vengeance !! I was so adamant I wasn’t staying in or going back and was stupidly pig headed and probably quite bullish. MrH says he was stunned at how someone can look so ill, have a big smile and be argumentative, all at the same time !!! Thank you all for the hugs and good wishes. Catherine Xx

Oh Catherine, what an awful rough time for you. Hoping you’ll keep turning that corner and will feel much brighter soon. Take care Anne- Marie xx

Oh Catherine that sounds so painful.

You keep resting and get better soon as we all miss you!!!

Take care of yourself.

Shazzie xx

Lots of love and best wishes from me too, you’ve really been through it haven’t you?! xx

Poor you, I do understand about not wanting to go into hospital though - those places are full of sick people!!!

I’ll send you lots of hugs - but only for the uninjured side. We have missed you and hope you get better soon.

JellyBellyKelly xx

(((((Big gentle hugs))))) get better soon xx

You are a very determined person. Hope you start feeling better soon

Hi Catherine, sorry I missed all your hospital stuuf, with being away.

Hope you continue to heal well and keep your spirits up…even tho` it can be a helluva struggle some days, I know.

luv Pollx

Hi everyone Thank you all so much. My lovely hubby organised a breather away in Scotland last week. He booked us a log cabin in the Trossachs which was beautiful and the nurse showed him how to change the dressings which he was quite happy to do. So armed with a nurses bagful of nurses kit, off we went. The fresh air and beautiful scenery were just what I needed to restore my flagging spirit !!! Would like to be able to give you good news about the wound but can’t !! It’s turning black, still hasn’t started to heal and is open and painful. I am feeling very bleeeuuurrrggghhhhhhh !!! And extremely ticked off !! Catherine Xx

Awww Catherine. How lovely of hubby to arrange that. What a lovely idea.

Terrible that our wound isn’t getting any better though. Best have a good rant I reckon. It shouldn’t be going black eh?

Take care hun and it is good to hear from you but you still sound in the wars

Shazzie xx

The Trossachs are really beautiful, I went about 14 years ago and I would love to go back. Bit worried about your wound going black Catherine, hope you’ve got someone coming to see you about that. xx

Hi Catherine,

Sorry to hear you still aren’t feeling too good. Are you getting the blackness sorted, it sounds very painful?

But on the plus side I am glad you enjoyed your break - sounds just like what I need right now. I’ll have to investigate

Take care of yourself hun and let us know how you are getting on

JBK xx

The cabins are beautiful and in a wonderful location. They are called Killin Highland Lodges and I can thoroughly recommend. In fact we are going to book them for another mid week break in January. Good price too !! I’ve left a message on the district nurses answer phone but no ring back yet. If its still as black and painful in a couple of days, I’ll make a Drs appointment. MrH isn’t squeamish at all but I saw his face this morning, when he changed the dressing !!! Told me everything. It hurts like a mahoosive paper cut. Xx

Aw, that’s rotten news about your op :frowning: so I really hope your GP helps out now very gentle hugs I’m glad you had a nice trip tho and it sounds like you hubby is a trouper :slight_smile: Hope you are properly in the mend soon - Sonia x