Been in hospital for a week!

With a kidney infection!! Very poorly discharged yesterday as they needed the bed and continuing with high dose anti-bios at home!

Still feel like death and it will probably take me longer to recover than most, but so glad to be back in my own bed hospital beds are so uncomfortable!

sorry to hear that,hope you recover soon, its so good to be back in your own bed,i love my own bed, always look forward to it whei have been away.

jaki xx

Poor you,but at least you are home and letting somebody else enjoy that bed. You’re best off indoors as the weather is lousy and it will probably snow.Where you down to run a leg of the Olympic Torch Ceremony,and if you’re not going to be able to manage it 'praps somebody on here can step in.

I hope you get better soon and being at home will really help things along.

Wb x

Hope you feel better soon. Take things easy now you are home. Cheryl:-)

So sorry you are having a horrible time. Get well soon.



So sorry you have been so poorly. Look after yourself and I hope you feel better soon. Teresa xx

Sorry to hear you have been unwell and hope you start to feel better sooner than sooooooon. Being home helps…

;-)) Mary

Sooo glad to have you back. Hospital isnt nice when the bed at home is beckoning. Friend mentioned a few weeks ago its also good to get home to your own bog too!

Get well soon. Welcome back.



I’m sad you’re not well.

I have to agree that being at home is usually much better than being in hospital. As long as you have someone to look after you. And at least one cat that decides that were you are is the place to be!

Sorry you have not been well. I hope you feel better very soon.

Take care


Hey, I wondered where you were. Take care and hope you feel better soon.

Ellie x

Poor you but home is best. Take care, finish antibiotics and drink gallons! Sandypops

aww get well soon…not nice things…have had several and theyknock you fr six…only consolation was I lost 2sone in weight…yes hospital beds and the food not great but at least you can recover at home. it took me about 3 weeks o get my appetite back after mine and craved bananas and ready salted crips for one reason. lol I seemed to have bad brin fog too after… hope you feel better soon xx


Hope you recover quickly and enjoy your own bed, sending you (((((((HUGS))))))


Thanks guys! I have lost a stone already!! Not un-needed but severe in the least!! My mum is here looking after me now so getting loads of TLC and Andy has gone back to work today which he needed to do!!