Frances (Campion) is doing okay!

Hi friends!

Ive just rung Frances to see how shes doing.

She was surprised to hear me. Anyway, its a week today since her new hip operation and shes home and staying upstairs. She says she takes her hourly walk down the hallway, to do her exercises. She is using a walker to keep upright.

She wont be back on line yet, as her pc is downstairs.

So I told her i`d let everyone know how she.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll,excellent news.People are going to talk about us.

Wb xx

Oh yeh? What will they be saying then?

luv Pollx

Really pleased Frances is home safely and recovering. Thanks for letting us know. Linda x

Thanks for letting us know Poll.

Glad she’s recovering well.

Pat x

Thanks everyone for your best wishes to Frances.

When she gets back on board our bus, Im sure shell be pleased at your support.

luv Pollx