Despite the rising cost of living

lt still remains popular

*blueberry juice spluttered across keyboard!!! LOL

Ellie x

Frances! You naughty girl! LOL!!

Teresa. x

Went to a friends for a party last night - and spotted this little gem stuck on the fridge.

l have been scrubbing all the roasting pans etc. this morning. l always get ‘asked’ or is that lumbered with doing the cooking. 5 chickens and 2 large dishes of Gratin Dauphinois [ posh potato] - Why can’t l be the one who takes crisps and dips - or even salad or the cheese board.


Quite right too!

luv Pollx

'Praps the more we pay the more we get

Wb x

good one campion!

hope you enjoyed your night out despite all the washing up.



Frances! You naughty girl! LOL!!

Teresa. x

[/quote] Teresa - love the tortoise - l have a geriatric ferret and two rotties - now which photo shall l put? [Actually, Badger thats my polecat ferret - looks just like Sergei the meercat on the tele ads. l shall have to dress him up.

Frances - glad you like my Pebbles!

My hubby bought her for my 40th Birthday last year.

My kids are at school and he thought i would be lonely! I talk to her! If anyone heard me they would think i had lost my marbles. The great thing is that she doesn’t answer back or argue like the kids. lol!

Dr Geoff had to help me with my avatar as i am useless on the computer.

You will have to get a group photo of all your pets together for your avatar but the little box might be too small!! I like the idea of the ferret! sounds fab!

Teresa. x