Dickie the Cat update

Hi gang, haven’t given a Dickie update in a while.

Well what on earth did I do before I had Dickie in my life? It’s now getting on for 3 months and I can’t imagine life without him.

Of course it hasn’t all been plain sailing (what is?). At first I had some nasty scratches from him when he was happy to be stroked and then would suddenly go for me.

I followed advice on internet and would pull my hand away and say NO and then ignore him for half an hour. VERY difficult when you have a little cat looking at you as if to say ‘Why are you ignoring me?’

Anyway, it worked. He hasn’t scratched me for ages. If he touches me with his paw he retracts his claws as he’s meant to… so that worked really well.

Took me a while to get the feeding right as he started to put on weight from the get-go (vet warned me about this because he’s an indoor cat with only 3 legs). But I think I’ve got it right now & hopefully he’ll lose the extra weight.

Most importantly though… he is the sweetest and most loving cat I could wish for. On the few occasions when I go out, when I get back he’s so happy he rolls about making little mewing sounds. He’s a very clean boy so we’ve had no problems with the litter tray and he’s become extremely playful. I spend a lot of time swinging Da Bird around (if you have a cat you must get a Da Bird… best toy ever!).

He seems to spend a lot of time watching me! Most peculiar! Not sure what that’s about. Maybe he’s not used to seeing a human doing the mundane things in life. He loves watching me washing up or cleaning my teeth!

Family and friends have said they can notice a difference in me… and I can feel it in myself. Having this loving little furry creature in my life is truly wonderful. I am so pleased my landlord changed their no pet policy!

So that’s my Dickie update!

Have a good weekend everyone,

Pat xx


Do I get away with, it’s lovely to hear about your pussy? Take care M x


Hi Pat

It’s lovely to read your update, I am so pleased it has worked out so well both for you and Dickie.

Have a good weekend

Pam x

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Hi Pat, I’m so glad it is working out for you with Dickie. I have had always had a cat in my life, I find them so funny. I don’t know what I would do without our old cat, Leo.

Last weekend when we returned home from Edinburgh he sulked for ages because we dared to go away for the weekend and that was despite my daughter coming in past to feed him. He kept up the funny mood for a couple of days after.

I have a plaque in the bathroom that says if you want the best seat in the house you will have to move the cat. So true!!!

Mags xx


oooohhhhh …MRS SLOCOMBE…lol

J x


Hello Pat.

Thanks for the update. I’m sitting here on my own with my three legged Seymour nesting next to me. He hasn’t moved for hours apart from the times when he just looks at me waiting for a scratch of his ear. When he tries to do his right ear, his little stump wiggles away.

Every home should have one.

Steve x.


So does Dickie’s Steve. I give him a good scratch too.

In fact I clipped my nails a bit longer than usual just so I can give Dickie’s ear a good scratch!

Pat xx


I’m so pleased for you Pat…he seems to have sprinkled you with Joy .

love to you both,

Nina xx

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Hi Pat,

Please keep the Dickie updates coming, it’s good to know you are so good for each other.

Steve’s right, every home needs a pet, adopt next door’s if necessary!

Jo x

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So pleased to hear about your adventures with Dickie Pat, I think having an animal to love makes such a difference to us…I know Frazer has to me, its all those positive endorphins and the fact that they love us unconditionally back.

Michelle x

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Hugs to you both XXX Don

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