New Kitten

Hi all how you doing went out to ms drop in Tuesday came home to a new kitten bit worried it will be to fast for me its 9 month ago we lost our 14 year old cat. Hope there have done the right thing its already weed on daughters bed.

Not getting on with the Christmas shopping will have to get a move on not felt up to it just a bit feed up really still no sale with the house have seen a bungalow that would be brill for us but until we sell can not move on.

l think we need a new router as the internet keeps going down some think for christmas mayb.

Well all take care regards Jan xx

Hi Jan, oooh a new kitten! They are gorgeous but yes can be hard work!!!

Are you able to shop online? I don’t go Xmas shopping at all. I do it all online (actually I’m very lucky as my family only buy for the children so we don’t have to go mad or spend a fortune).

But if you can shop online… can buy just about anything on Amazon… and order Xmas food online it’s all so much easier.

If you are going to shop for food online, you can start booking delivery slots for Tesco on Dec 1st. The other supermarkets will be similar.

Sorry the house sale isn’t going well. Worth remembering that a lot of people start looking for new home in the New Year. Fingers crossed!

Take care hon,

Pat xx

Hello Jan,

A new kitten sounds just the thing. As long as someone can help with the feeding and the dreaded litter tray, they are so therapeutic. They certainly keep you amused as they go mad around the house for the first year (and beyond) of their life. We had to say goodbye to Doris and Gladys this year-they managed to get to 19 and 18 years respectively. Now we’ve just got Seymour and his three legs! He is the most loving cat I’ve ever known, bless him.

I’ve just finished the christmas shopping (not gloating,),done completely on line. As Pat says, it’s a good way of doing it. Even the delivery drivers know they just need to open the door and leave the stuff in the hallway as it takes me ages to answer the door. Last year I did all my shopping in December with no problem.

Hope the house gets sorted. Best wishes, Steve x.

How lovely to have a new kitten Jan,

Like Pat and Steve I do all my shopping on line…I think it’s three years since I last went shopping! One of the things I was very happy to give up!

Good luck with your shopping, however you do it and hope the kitten gives you hours of joy.

Nina x

Hi all bit of a update on kitten now call pebbles has her clock the wrong way around sleep all day wake all night l am trying to get her to play in the day time, she has taken to wetting on daughter bed so now have 3 trays around the house see if that helps. Does anyone no what else l can try changing a double bed daily is getting a bit much.

She is now sat with me trying to type and pressing all the keys.

Take care regards Jan xx does any one know what happened to the cat on the smiley

Hi Jan, my grandson’s cat is called Pebbles too!

I think you need to keep the kitten in one room if at all possible… kitchen or living-room. 3 litter trays are just going to confuse it and make it think it can pee anywhere.

Keep it in one room with one tray until it’s using the tray all of the time. Whenever you can put her on the tray and with her paw make a digging motion. She’ll catch on… but until she does having a free run of the whole house is not a good idea.

Also don’t clean the tray as soon as she uses it. She needs to realise what it’s for.

Oh they are SO sweet but a lot of work!

We lost the cat smilie in the upgrade… shame, it was one of my favourites.

Pat xx

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Good morning Pat

Congratulations on your new arrival, my wife is very jealous, like me she loves cats.

They give so much if you need comfort, it is as if they know when the pain kicks in.

I hope you enjoy your new arrival i know my wife and my self love our three.

My cat ‘Dave’ is an ex-ferrel cat and he took a bit of calming down but he is lovely now, he

was 8 years old ‘4 yrs ago’ when he turned up at our house and he bought a ginger tom with him

so the pair decided to stay and they are both lovely, ginger tom is called Garfield

My wife has got her own cat called Jo Jo, another stray that got her self knocked over,

she has a pinned leg now ans she is now 14 years old and she had her accident in 1999,

s she is doing well.

Well i hope you and pebbles get on ok, i am sure you will


Mark x


Soory Pat got that a bit wrong did;t i !!!

/Mark x

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Hi Mark… hehe… yes it’s Jan who has the new kitten.

Wish it was me! I live in a sheltered housing flat with a ‘no pet’ policy. I think that’s cruel. Old people and unwell people love to have a pet and it’s proved that it’s actually very good for people. Stroking a cat actually lowers blood pressure!

I have thought of finding a lawyer who would be prepared to test the case in European Court of Human Rights… but I haven’t got the energy to deal with it all. But somebody should as most sheltered housing now have ‘no pet’ policy!

Very cold in London… quite bright though… and as I have no intention of going anywhere it doesn’t matter!

Hope you’re doing well,

Pat xx

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