Hi All

How you all doing wet, windy and foggy, type of weather l don t want to go out in. Legs don t want to work today got some new slippers finding it hard to walk in them right led trailing on floor as l move it thicker soles. I need someone to break them in .

ten months go that our cat died so maybe time to look out for a new one don t no what to do, well ll take care keep warm

Regards Jan xxx

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Hello Jan,

New slippers eh? I find it really hard to walk in slippers as they often fall off. On the other hand I need them for the two blocks of ice people usually refer to as feet. You can’t win.

We lost 2 of our cats this last year. They were over 18 and they’d had a good life though. Now we’ve just got Seymour hobbling about in his 3 legs. He is a very loving little chap of 7 years. I’m not sure if we’ll get any new ones soon, we might leave it until our daughter Rose gets a bit older.

I actually went out this morning on the scooter-it’s really a bit of a battle to get out but I’m always glad afterwards.

Best wishes, Steve x.


Hi Jan, I find the only slippers I can walk in are mocasins. I buy Dunlop ones on Amazon. Wear them all the time and out on scooter in warmer weather.

I’ve got my name down on a couple of Sheltered schemes in west London (I live in a sheltered scheme in north London at the mo) as I want to be nearer my mum and sister… and the two I’m down for allow cats!!! So as soon as I move I’ll be contacting a local cat rescue centre. Can’t wait!

I think Sheltered schemes that don’t allow cats (and that’s most of them) are cruel. When you live alone and are not well the company of a cat can be of real benefit.

Damp miserable weather in London.

Have a good weekend Jan and Steve and everyone,

Pat xx


Hi Jan,

i have just discovered totes slipper socks and they are brilliant. They are so comfy and warm.

I spent the whole of the summer indoors in bare feet but that is no use now and these are the next best thing.

I have now a variety of colours and must look a bit of a sight but who cares?

Really missing our old cat who is being looked after by my daughter until our flat is ready. Our granddaughter says she thinks Leo ( our cat) wants their house to be his forever home. I dont think so. I might have to buy her a kitten. We will see.

Mags xx

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Hi all, totes slipper socks are great but my toes curl under as l walk so need to use slippers that stops my toes curling under !! just another think with my ms . My right hand is now not working well will not hold on to pen knives forks and fingers are now curling onto my hand . Oh well we have to get on with it. Take care have a good christmas keep warm regards Jan xx

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I love this wonderful MS it gives all these marvellous thing with our bodies. I am sitting here and nothing is working and I have two grandsons arriving as I type they will cheer me up

Love to all


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Hi Jan

i’m sitting here with Smokey, one of our two cats, fast asleep on my lap. He’s making my legs hurt but I don’t want to chuck him off, he’s sixteen now and has really slowed down since the summer. He’s diabetic, and has insulin twice a day, but he’s absolutely brilliant about it, no fuss at all, in fact he enjoys the attention and the praise he gets after each jab. It’s a part of his daily time table, and he even comes in from the garden for it when Ruth whistles and shows him the syringe.

Anyway, he and his sister Rumbelow were born in the house. We took on their mother from the Cat’s Protection League, she was pregnant and unwanted because the child where she had been living was allergic.

The CPL. is a good place to start if you do decide to get another cat (or two). In fact we ended up with two adults and eight kittens, but it’s a long story… Just the two now.

Happy Christmas!

Kev x

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Hi All well we have taken the tree down as the kitten likes to sit in it l worry that she may bite the lights, she is doing very well and getting on with the dog she no the sound of daughters car and runs to the door to meet her chirping all the way. Take care all Regards Jan xx

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