So cold !

I’ve just come back from my volunteering. I’m so cold. Frazer and I regularly go on the literature cart on Saturdays at the park. He loves meeting all of his doggy friends and I love having a catch up with Ann my friend . Today was so cold, Frazer had his Blanket and I had mine and Ann bought me a hot chocolate. I’m back home now sat on the sofa with my heated throw. I hope everyone else is coping with this cold weather, being sat in a wheelchair we feel the cold more. Take care everyone Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Michelle & Frazer,

I was out in my power wheelchair in Gladstone Park {;London) there must of been half a dozen dog walkers

I love to see them running around playing, all with blankets on. I just spoke for a while with the owners joking only a few more months of this freezing weather, so the forecasters say. Glad I was wrapped up well. Hope the snow stays up in the north, although its come down as far as Stoke where my Daughter lives.

Central heating on and a cup of Cappuccino. Take care.

Kielyn x

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I don’t know where I’d be without my blanket.

It’s been freezing down here in Sussex but I’ve just had new heaters fitted so I’m proper toasty.

Steve xx woof