hands cold

Hi all ppms,s How you all doing in the cold snow just been out side l no silly thing to do in the cold.

Now l can not warm up my hands. not had a good weekend had to take my lovely dog to the vets sat morning l could not put my finger on it l just knew she was not herself, well after a blood test vet tell me she is diabetic and l have to give her a jab every day.

l hope l can do it.

Then a dear Aunt of mine fell down stairs and has broken her neck and 3 ribs l cannot get to see her untill the snow has gone. Well all you good people take care keep warm.

Regards Jan xx

Oh Jan what a rotten time you’ve had. Hope you’re hands have warmed out now. I do find that if I get cold I can’t warm up and then when I do I get boiling. Did that happen when your hands finally warmed up?

I’m sure you’ll manage the daily jab for your dog, but if not maybe you could find a local dog lover who could come and do it?

And your aunt. My goodness. Well hopefully you can get to see her by end of week.

It never rains but it pours as they say. Hope you’re feeling a bit better about it all today.

Thinking of you Jan,

Take care,

Love Pat xx