Cuddled up by the fire with Frazet

It’s been raining most of the day and I’ve sat cuddled up by the fire with Frazer (assistance dog) I’m really tired I’ve done too much recently, I’ve just lost a carer and tried to do more than normal. Me and Frazer have been watching dog rescue, it makes sad seeing all the poor dogs but it’s wonderful when you see how much they improve once they go to loving homes. Michelle and Frazer xx

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I wasn’t sad to be at home today either, shame no dog to cuddle but quite a bit of action in the garden when the rain stopped.

We get a bit frustrated with the magpies in he garden but Rob finally sussed out feeder situation when he purchased one from Wilkinson’s. The holes are tiny compared to a lot of feeders so the Magpies just can’t get the food, whereas the bluetits are out in full force, we’ve even struggled to count them! Less surprising when I reveal that hubby has been so impressed, we now have three of those feeders in one bush So funny with the squirrels as they will still use the feeders but they almost have to hug the feeder do get anything. View from my window is great when the suns out, there’ll be a squirrel hugging one feeder whilst the tits are coming t the other feeders.

So if anyone else wants to feed the little birds, I can recommend he £4 feeder from Wilkos

I think it’s gonna be a drier day tomorrow

Sonia x


Hi, just joined site. Had PPms for about 3years, going down hill faster than the Jamaican bobsleigh team. They all say ppl with ms don’t like the heat. Well I personally think the cold is as bad if not worse. Just brought a Homefront luxury heated throw off of Amazon. You just throw it over the chair and sit on it. Wow, highly recommend it, kept me so toasty warm and comfy mmmmmm.

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Hi Tony

Welcome to ‘our gang’ of lovely people, always willing to listen and offer advice where they can, even though we’re in the club that I suppose no one would choose to join.

The throw sounds wonderful, I find both the extreme heat and cold is bad for me, so Spring is my favourite.

Pam x

Hi Michelle

Yes it was a dreadful day here as well, but today the sun is shining but you need to wrap up well.

Pam x

Hello Michelle.

I waved as the train went briefly past Froddy. In London I rolled from Euston to Charing Cross (1.8 miles). Even in the dull light of autumnal dusk London is a brilliant place to be. Now I’m at home in the warmth.

Steve x woof

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I agree the cold kills me, it makes it much more difficult for me to move, plus the right hand side of my body is always much colder than the left side. Bring on the warm weather.

I might look into getting one . My bones are aching, I feel so cold , it’s like the feeling when you are going down with flu. The heat always makes me weak but the cold is awful too , I feel so tired and stiff. Michelle and Frazer xx