Glad it rained

Well, i have to say I’m so glad it rained. I like nice weather… but dare i say its been too hot! Poor Frazer he hasn’t known what to do with himself, he’s a long haired golden retriever, iv’e felt so sorry usually he curls up on the bottom of Mollys bed but he’s been sleeping on the laminate floor. …I don’t know about anyone else but it was making me so tired and moody…or maybe thats my age. We’ve had all the windows open at night but then the mozzys come in and bite me…roll on Autumn.

Michelle x

same here Michelle, i dont like this hot humid weather at all, i like it to be sunny and warm, but this type of heat is relentless,its not healthy for anyone,if you throw ms into the mix,its awful, i am lucky in that i have an air con unit,i got a few years ago,and i dont think i could cope without it,its the best thing i have ever bought its perfect for this type of weather,poor Frazer he too will be pleased when it cools down.

J x

It’s WAY too hot and humid!!! Last night I kept waking up too hot. Then I woke up too cold so got under duvet. Then woke up too hot again!

Another hot one today in London. Seems less humid though. Very clear blue sky and sunshine.

Keep cool folks. I’ll be Mrs Mole again today.

Pat xx

Strange thing here (North Bucks) yesterday- it didn’t really rain properly. I was watching the Met Office radar and it showed all sorts going on, but it was like we had a big umbrella over the village!

looks like a hot one today again, and we have to drive down to Taunton. Trying to get all my toys packed and make a getaway ASAP to avoid the afternoon heat and the Fridayholiday traffic. Some hope.

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The rain was very welcome, but today the heat is back, so inside with the blinds down.

Try to stay cool everyone and drink loads.

Pam x

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One of my neighbours - with a Golden Retriever - has him clipped out twice a year. She says he is much happier - and is easier to keep clean and brushed out. Especially in the winter - as she takes her dogs out over the fields - like l do with mine. And a short haired dog dries off quicker. l think she uses a mobile unit dog grooming service. They have a Westie and a Border Terrier - and they all get a short back and sides at the same time.

Mine spend a lot of time lying on the cold tiled floor. And yesterday they found a nice pond to get in for a cool down on our walk.

My daughters Bull terrier has his own paddling pool - which he lies in with just his nose sticking out of the water - hippo like.


Hi there Michelle.

I agree, the weather has been muggy. An electric swivel fan is great to cool rooms down & some citrus fruit in the house keep the mozzys away. The ones that do visit get blown away.

Thanks Puddle, I’ll have to try that… Citrus fruit stops the mozzys… iv’e never heard of that before. I’ll have to try it …I’ll have a bedroom full of oranges!!

Michelle x

We are always looking for something that keeps the mozzies away - and also flies that bother the horses. Avon skin so soft dry oil spray works well. Apparently, used by soldiers out in Afghanistan. Now we have found that Morrisons minty mouthwash daubed on your legs/arms etc keeps the midges away. So we use that on the horses as well. You do have to keep topping it up as it only works for a while.

Husband is using the mouthwash to keep the horse flies off him - as he is working up the yard building an extension onto our stable block.

The midges are really bad here as soon as you go outside they hone in it is like walking through a fog of the little blighters. For some reason they seem to like eyes. I’ve been using expidition fly stuff but the non allergy one that is the only one our midges don’t like they love jungle formula. I am glad it is cooler the heat was sapping stay cool and bite free

Thanks Spacejacket, My friend does Avon, I’ll get some of that spray.