Glad it's not raining

It’s a lovely day the sun is shining I’ve been at my daughter’s playing with the twins but I’m exhausted now and have missed my bus . Daft bus company why don’t they update their time tables . I downloaded it today but the sign on the bus stop says a different time . How I wish I could drive again . I’m so tired my legs are shaking and I feel sick . .but it’s not raining and I’ve had a lovely day. Frazer doesn’t mind he’s just happy to be with me. I just hope the wheelchair place is available. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Michelle

Glad you had .a lovely day with the grandchildren, I bet they are growing up really fast.

Sorry you missed the bus but hopefully the next one will have space.

Been a lovely sunny day here in Gloucestershire, made a welcome change.

Pam x

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Sorry…tremor bad today, didn’t mean to press twice!

Pam .x

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Thanks I got back Okay . I wasn’t home till nearly six, that was after leaving Rochelles just after 3pm . It took forever to get back because the traffic was so bad next time I’ll go extra early for the bus . Michelle and Frazer xx

Glad you got home. My usual bus has been diverted because of roadworks. It’s bright and sunny here in the south east. Steve woof x