Rain at last!

Today it rained on Frodsham , Frazer and Isabelle and myself went to Cheshire oaks outlet, on the bus. It was fairly quiet the rain must have put everyone off. We had a good time picking a dress for Isabelle for the Liverpool event. Frazer was so good he just sat patiently on his blanket , he never complains . We went for a Thorntons icecream and he was really tempted he’s not allowed people food but he licked the drips up and had a chew at the servette. Hes brilliant to take shopping, much better than taking a husband, he never moans and can keep secrets. Molly breaks up today for the big six weeks holiday, i think she will be sad tonight as quite a few of her friends are leaving shes in a special needs school and the pupils and staff are very close like extended family. Frazers lying g on the cool tiled floor having a well earnedrest and I’m having a nice cup of tea. The work men have nearly finished they’ve been here nearly every day since the 22nd of May , I think it will only be a couple more weeks before they are done. I think we will miss them they’ve been really nice guys. Michelle and Frazer xx


Oh Michelle please send the rain my way, it is just awful here, and the forecast for next week is even hotter! My Ms hates it and really plays me up, and to top it off I am trying really hard with ISC. I do eventually manage it but it takes me quite a while, so frustrating, it’s meant to be a 2 minute job. I live in hope I will get quicker.

Fraser sounds like a dream shopping companion, never moaning and I like the keeping secrets.

Hope your daughter is ok for loosing some of her friends at school, my daughter works in a special school, has done for 22 years, and loves it. She says it is so much more satisfying than being in an ordinary class room, much more of a family feel.

When you have had enough of that rain then point it to my direction!

Pam x

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Hi Michelle & Frazer,

Lovely to see you on here again :slight_smile:

At long last we’ve had a drop in the temperature and we’ve had some rain too which has definitely helped but not sure how long it will last though and whether it will go up or down.

That’s lovely that you and Isabelle (& Faithful Frazer, bless him) had a shopping trip out even if it was in the rain but you got ice-cream at the end which makes it worthwhile.

Aww, poor Molly I hope she didn’t get too upset tonight about finishing for the holidays, hopefully she’ll be able to see some of her friends again soon and when she goes back I’m sure they’ll be new friends to be made.

That’s great news that the workmen have nearly finished as it has been a long time, yes, you’ll probably miss them and it’ll be strange getting used to things again but so worth it all in the end.

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes xx

Hi Pam,

Sorry you’re having such a horrible time with the heat I know how you feel as we’ve just had the incredible heat too and my MS didn’t like it either - MS totally sucks :frowning:

Keep as cool and hydrated as you can.

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

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How lovely but I have to admit I’m envious of the rain - none here still!

Sonia x

I’m so envious of the rain! Nothing here even though every day it says on my forecast there will be showers.

I think we are living on The San Andreas fault the cracks in my garden are huge!

Try to keep cool everyone,

Take Care,

Nina x

It seems to change what the forecast says , I’ve read thunderstorms but then it doesn’t happen. nature decides to do it’s own thing regardless of what the weatherman says. It’s gone hot again here I think it’s 29 but some areas are 35 . I’m sure we are supposed to get thunderstorms this weekend. Michelle and Frazer xx

I hope your right Michelle about the thunderstorms, we so need it, am sat here wilting!

Pam x

Pam, after my 22 years in the primary classroom, I have total admiration for teachers like your daughter. Hello Michelle.x woof.

It rained for 15 minutes in Crowborough but the air became fresher so I raced outside (in my pjs) and bathed in the cooler evening air whilst chatting to a lovely old dear called Janet who was tending the raised flower beds.


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Pam, after my 22 years in the primary classroom, I have total admiration for teachers like your daughter.

It rained for 15 minutes in Crowborough but the air became fresher so I raced outside (in my pjs) and bathed in the cooler evening air whilst chatting to a lovely old dear called Janet who was tending the raised flower beds.



The temperature has dropped and I think we’ve had some rain in the night, I’m going to go out into my back garden for confirmation.

It’s very windy but so glad to have a breeze flowing through the house :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x

You people won’t believe this but… A few showers Thursday, heavy prolonged rain yesterday and last night. Heavy and frequent downpours today. Temperature currently 9c and I swear it’s true, we have just had a shower with hailstones in it!!!

Hi Poppy,

Hailstone!!! :-0

I’ve discovered it has rained here through the night but I think I was that exhausted after yesterday’s heat that I’ve managed to sleep through it (there’s always a positive).

We’ve now got a mixture of sun, rain showers and the wind but at least it’s cooled down - my phone says it’s 12° but I’m not so sure as it doesn’t always give me the correct temps - maybe new phone or new app needed lol

Well, whatever it is wherever you are stay safe :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x

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It Rained hard for a short time last night and this morning it rained again , not heavy but there’s a wind I went out thos morning doing my volunteer work on the literature cart with Frazer at the park. I was amazed that it was cool after all of the heat it’s such a relief but I was bit cold. I’ve bought a knitted poncho and it is brilliant for being in my wheelchair, I hate being restricted so it’s better than a coat. Michelle and Frazer xx

We had rain during the night and today is cooler…thank goodness.

Pam x

It’s distinctly fresher today.

I went out in shorts and t-shirt before just to feel the chill.

Now I’m chilled thank God.

Steve x woof

We’ve had a thunder storm and a good downpour with it this afternoon and very welcome it was too and I think it’s probably pleased everybody and everything.

Sunshine and a reasonable temperature now :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x

Its been raining here in gloucester since yesterday and windy. (outside and in he he).

ACCUWEATHER is pants lol. a few weeks ago it said it is going to rain in 20 minutes, and it never did.

We need tons of rain. Over my park i swear we have had an earthquake as the ground is splitting everywhere with some nasty cracks, i have to watch my scooter wheels and my dogs feet for fear of her getting leg stuck in one, and me a wheel.

I HATE THE heat. I have sat in my house for weeks just going out once early.

sorry to be a party pooper for all those who love the sun, but so glad its raining lol. x Perfect holiday weather in a caravan lol. x

I think we’re back to ‘normal’ British weather again, for a time anyway.

It’s been raining (sometimes very heavy) which is very welcomed by everybody and everything (well, by most).

It’s brought that cooler temperature which is what we were all wanting and having the wind with it is definitely making it feel more fresher and breathable too… although not so sure about over at Crazy Chicks place but better out than in they say :wink:

Twinkle Toes x

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