School's out!

Aaaannnddd relax. Two months to recuperate, yay

Some stuff going on this hols - moving house, neuro prof etc but so happy to have got to the end of the year despite my illness.

Now we just need it to stop raining all the time!

Phew for you

Just checked out the weather forecast. There may be about 5 minutes when the rain stops next Wednesday for us Chiltern Hill girlies, and then more rain. Have we still got a hosepipe ban!*?

Where is Noah when we need him? Maybe he can help you move house. Where are you moving to?


Apparently Noah is stuck in Yorkshire at the moment so he’s no help at all. The hosepipe ban has been lifted but we don’t need them now do we!!

We’re moving closer to Wallingford where you can get more house for your money and my travel to work will be vastly reduced down to roughly 4 minutes!! I’ll be able to nip home for a sleep if need be and also youngest daughter can easily get to school if I’m off ill. Not so good for OH who drives to Iver or son who needs to get to Marlow for his final 8/9 months of school but hey ho, they’ll cope I’m sure.

We used to come for walks over your way…I can’t remember the names of the places off the top of my head but very pretty.


Hope the move goes well for you

Still not too far away