It doesn't rain, it pours! Grrrrrr

Hello all, I’m still going through this daft relapse. Bit annoyed with it today. I’ve got my brother, his wife and son coming for the weekend. It will be the first time he’s seen me not well. What I’m miffed about it that I won’t be up for doing loads of stuff, which. I would like to do. Oh well, they will just have to accept it won’t they.

another thing which miffed me off today. The other day I went to the docs to get muscle relaxants and to get antibiotics for my chest. While I was there he got me to have a blood test to check my inflammatory markers. This morning I get a letter telling me to go and see him regarding the test. I tell you what, I’m a moody beggar today. If it’s not one thing it’s another. bah!

Right, rant over :wink: TTFN

(((Hugs))) Enjoy the company of your brother and his family this weekend - and try not to worry about why your GP wants to see you (I know, easier said than done).

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I’ll carry your rant on Bev,my lovely son is coming home today for the weekend,and we are all going out for an Indian tomorrow evening,amongst a host of other things that are planned. Unfortunetly I have terrible fatigue and pain. I wont let it stop me,but it would be nice it if it would just leave me and you alone for a day or 2 to give us a break and let us enjoy our families !!

What is really bugging me and making me very angry,is the fact that I can only have a 3 year driving licence as my doctor says that as I have either spms or ppms he wants to check up on me periodicaly. I had waited for yrs to learn to drive cos of epilepsey and have only been driving for 7 years(yesterday) after 3 yrs they granted me a 10 yr one, and now cos of this despicable disease it’s been taken away aaggh. Would’nt mind if there werent so many arses driving who could’nt give a bugger.

What is the matter with this site that you have to bang the keys so hard ,do you find that as well or is it just me? Good excuse for taking my temper out on something

I will have to get some red ink! Today is a black ink one .!

Love Linda C

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Aw, know the feeling Linda, it’s a pain in the derrière to be quite honest. I’m just gonna chill out now, what I can do I will, what I can’t tough :wink:

thanks Mitzi, I’m loving it, my little nephew is so gorgeous xx

Hi Beverley,hope weekend is going well,your little nephew sounds like he is very cute. Kids are ace,they help sort out the important things in life ,and the nonsense of m.s can take a back seat.

We have been for a meal tonight which was lovely, family have hit the town,I came home early and let them have a good time.It’s my birthday on Thursday,but I am having,my party tomorrow,whilst all the family are together. I have made a cake and asked my 2 little grand-daughters 4 and 5 to decorate it for me in the morning.Always better to leave the messy dirty stuff to do at nana’s house!! Ilove it,love it,love it!!

Hope you have a great weekend too,you are in my thoughts, and will raise a slice of birthday cake to you tomorrow, or prise it off the ceiling
whatever te case may be !!!


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Haha, thanks Linda. I can’t wait to be a Nanna :slight_smile: I’ve got a big roast dinner on the go, it’s so nice to have lots of family round. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend and also your birthday! (Hugs) my nephew is one next week, so we went out today and bought half the toy shop lol. Enjoy it, and chat soon xx

p.s. Hope the cake cleans up off the ceiling lol xx