Just a rant, had enough today.

Well, today I am really fed up.
Still waiting for doctors/hospital for an appointment after my MRI.
Doctors are really useless.

Feeling 100 % stressed.
Apart from this one daughter is doing A levels at the moment and the other is doing GCSEs

To top it all off my central heating boiler started pouring water.
The boiler is upstairs and water has gone through the ceiling.

Turned water off but nobody can come out until Friday!!
cannot go without water until then.

Sorry just really had enough today

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Good rant 8/10. You’d have got the other 2 points if you’d said you hit someone and if it had been more sweary!! :confounded:

Shit happens but theres a bright new day tomorrow. Group hug :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thank you, its good to moan sometimes.

well doctors should have rung me back two days running, its getting a bit late for today too.

You are so funny!! Always make me laugh !!

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So still time to hit someone - or at the very least swear at them. It won’t get you anywhere but you’ll feel SO much better.

I’ve had a day of people pissing me off because of things they failed to do. But I haven’t hit anyone… Tried to kick the dog but I’m too slow these days and she’s wise to me :confounded:

sounds like a really rubbish time. In days gone by my rants were pretty sweary (I tried to use ! * $) to dilute the expletives but the moderators deleted the best bits so now I just let rip in my head!
Poor health can be very offensive so I have no trouble with people getting shouty and properly potty mouth, but I also understand that not everyone feels this way.
Hope you have a better time soon.

Hi Mick
I agree with the sentiment about poor health but don’t think I’ve ever encountered anyone made more calm & mellow by ailing health…

I agree about no one being more mellow or calm from poor health, my comment was more directed at not everyone being OK with sweary or potty mouth response to poor health.

Thank all.

The cold water wash not too great this am but we now have hot water so all good.

Hi Graeme
You make me smile, you have a wealth of knowledge and your posts are always helpful. Then you surprise me with encouraging us to swear and hit people.
To be honest I swear like a trooper but I’ve never really resorted to violence maybe that’s where I’m going wrong.
Sam x

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This is not meant to be funny but it is funny ridiculous….
does hitting yourself get any points. I found myself slapping my own head yesterday out of shear frustration. Worse still I called myself an idiot ‘You idiot!’ I only read something incorrectly…

Clearly I have got something wrong here :crazy_face:

Hi Sam
Ha! You’ve seen through my evil plan to weaponise the MS population by turning them to the darkside :smiling_imp:

Whereas in reality, if I tried to thump someone these days they’d just move out of the way and I’d fall over :anguished:

You don’t need me to tell you that own goals don’t count! :stuck_out_tongue:

What happened yesterday?

And how did you get the handle @Rogue :question: :blush:

That’s a relief, home goals, a fell over a travel case this morning :woman_facepalming:t2: You wouldn’t want me on your team we would lose that’s for sure :rofl:

Yesterday, I read something which I took the wrong way, in disbelief I smacked my forehead with my hand, once the mist cleared and I reread the content and realised that I had got the wrong end of the stick. Hence the exclamation ‘you idiot’.

Rogue, well think X-men. Rogue is a female mutant who has a white stripe in her hair. I have a naturally occurring white stripe in my hair - somehow seemed fitting.

Ah of course! I missed the white stripe, having been distracted by the unfeasibly perky boobs! :grin: So what’s your superpower?

Well not perky boobs that’s for sure :joy::joy::joy::joy:
Superpower good question… I would like to say walking through walls, super speed (not), self-duplication now wouldn’t that be fun, as would be the ability to be invisible…

Those that know me well, say that I am a superwoman. Well a superwomen of sorts, unlike Rogue who can absorb energy from others, I energise others, yes that is my superpower :woman_superhero:.

Let’s keep this thought going for a bit… what is your superpower?

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Go on then @Rogue , I’ll bite…

I could do with a bit of energising :smiley:

As for me, I can offer an Oasis of Calm and a Beacon of Hope! Yes, really! It’s a standing joke in our family that I trot this out when somebody is pissed off about something. It kind of works as the ridiculousness of the statement diverts them from whatever is annoying them. It does actually come from some of my own philosophy:

  • hope for the best, plan for the worst
  • what’s the worst that can happen
  • stop beating yourself
  • best form of defence is attack

So not really a “super” power, just judicious use of common sense. Here endeth the first lesson! (More gratuitous bollox to follow…)

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Absolutely :+1:

Well superpower is determination.

Run my own business for 20 years. Needed to teach myself everything really

I hope you don’t mind me joining in but my superpower is sarcasm. I just can’t help myself. No matter what the question is you are guaranteed a sarcastic reply.
Sam x