Sorry for all the bad language

Hello all

I’m having a very fatigued sweary day. I’ve just notice I’ve briefly added comments to a couple of threads that are little more than expletives. I apologise.

My only excuse is that only one damn day after boasting that I haven’t had a UTI for over a year, I have a UTI! Typical huh?

Luckily my lovely husband has recovered from his lousy stomach bug to take my specimen to the GPs. And luckily I already had a course of Nitroferantoin antibiotics. And also lucky that although my practice has now changed its ‘protocol’ on UTIs in not routinely sending them to the lab, the nurse who phoned, knows me so was happy to send it.

I may have been relatively lucky with the above. But I still think it’s utter crp, I’m totally pised off and completely knackered.

Sue xx

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Totally understand! You should have heard my cussing and swearing this morning to anyone who came to the house! Day after my Plegridy injection usually sees me a snivelling mess. Bang on cue this afternoon. I was angry and telling husband I hate him seeing me like this, I want a husband/lover not a bl**dy carer, etc etc etc.

Now a few hours later, as usual, it has passed and I feel stupid. I have every intention of coming off it next appoinment with Neuro and going for Tecfidera, and I think there’ll be more swearing if she refuses!

(Deep breath now) x

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No apology required Sue, I understand how frustrating stuff can be.

You would need to work hard to offend me.

Hope you feel better soon. Mick

I personally find your €«¥<ing language to be the most °£¢€ing offensive I’ve had the ©%¢[ing bad fortune to deal with, and I live in Essex!

With love and good humour, fluffyollie xx


FFS fluffyollie that was even worse than mine!!


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Poor Sue!

I have got to know you recently and know how difficult life is for you hunny.

Living every second of life with a severe disability is no joke.

You , me and oodles of folk hereabouts, know what that’s like.

But somehow we manage to get through…some days are better/ worse than others. We do our damndest to keep crawling back up when life knocks us down.

That’s what we do, so #%+@# if we curse a bit,/ a lot!

Off to pm you now!

Much love to all trying to keep going.



hey sue, tell me about it- i am a foul mouthed ^&%$ and no mistake! i hope my previous comments came across as humour as that was their intention. i have a few thoughts that i have with regards to your initial concerns:

1] we are all grown-ups here, so some swear words can (and should) be accepted. if someone doesn’t like or can’t accept them, &^*% them- i assume they don’t know what you’re going though

2] you have every right to express yourself in whatever way you feel appropriate. if someone doesn’t like or can’t accept that, then &^*% them- i again assume they don’t know what you’re going though

3] you are very kind being concerned with the reaction of others. but if there is any issue with someone not liking or accepting your thoughts, then &^*% them. they obviously don’t know what you’re going though

wishing you the very best, fluffyollie xx

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Thanks for that Ollie. I did of course take what you said in the spirit it was intended. I too am a foul mouthed bich of a person not just now and then, but most of the time. These days most of my swearing is aimed at this #~%€+€ disease. But not completely. At times I can be drawn into bad language aimed at the ^€~<{<<**# government, especially ~#{^’ IDS. And just generally when the mood takes me!!

Sue x


I managed to train some foreign graduate engineers to use the “acceptable in any circumstances” Fur Fat Snake" …still sniggering like a schoolboy :slight_smile:


Oh I like that!