Wet wet wet

I like public transport. But in early December it can be testing. If you live at the highest point of East Sussex, the rain and wind carries that extra bit of venom. Then the damp floors of the bus and train leave my wheels screaming enough for everyone to resent my very presence. Sitting saturated outside the primary school office led me to joke loudly about the irony of rain. I was now beginning to feel cold. After a very sweet nativity performance, I returned home. Yes it was a very worthy day but will my legs warm up? That’s a loud emphatic NO!

With bones battered by the primitive paving of Tonbridge (obviously no-one ever walks) and soul frozen from winter rain, I sit here thinking about te joys of being car less.


oh-not what i expected! marti is now stuck in ma heid! ellie ps re travelling i went round a corner and hit the wall twice! choice was wall or road! got new tyres now!

I find the hardest thing about this weather is getting warm again once I’ve got home. A couple of times I’ve got frozen to the bone and have been unable to get warm . I’ve just bought a heated throw it was about £50 But well worth the money. Glad you enjoyed your little girls play , it makes getting cold worth it. Michelle and Frazer xx

Sitting with a hot water bottle under a throw is my way of getting warm when im cold to the xx

I hear you! I take a warm shower and use three hot water bottles in bed before feeling any better! Am I the only one who uses the hair dryer to warm the sheets before getting in bed? Best wishes, Kim

Sometimes I put my nightie and dressing gown in the tumble dryer just to warm them up before bed. Michelle