me being a wimp or new symptom?

Hi all, Been a bit of a bad relapse this one, so anyway deciding on dinner (which we all do on daily basis) put my hands in the freezer to find something tasty to make me feel better…then my days the frozen bbq chicken was hurting my hands so much from the cold…then they fell on the floor! Thinking it was just a shock started digging around some more to find not only are my hands hurting I have weird raging pain going up my arm! Have now closed the freezer and thinking a take away may be best. Has anyone else had this or am I just being a drama queen about my freezer? X

No, maybe it was just sensation overload ? I got in a lukewarm bath the other day and got electric shocks all over my body…showers from now on! Keeps us on our toes xx

i have had this feeling in my hands but not my arms. need to use a towel sometimes to grab anything from the freezer

Hello anon

No your not being a wimp, I too can’t bare getting things out of the freezer. It makes my hands feel painful.

Luckily, we don’t use the freezer much

I think you can buy gloves, similar to oven gloves.

I don’t even like walking down the freezer section in supermarkets…makes me shiver.


Thank heavens I am not alone there! Really set my arm of. In the end my partner said no to take away so had to battle it out with the freezer in the end. He certainly got the dropped bbq chicken just for that…opppsie. Thank you for the warning will keep away from the shopping. Send the mr instead. Anywhere else cold you could suggest staying away from? Lol X

hi anon

i have a faulty thermostat, maybe you do too.

if i get too warm, it quickly becomes way too hot!

so i do things to cool me down but then my legs hurt.

i cant sleep because bed is too warm even with windows open.

so i go and stand on the kitchen floor (quarry tiles) in bare feet and stay there until i’m shivering.

its lovely to get back in bed and snuggle under the covers!

carole x

try looking up ‘raynaud’s phenomenon’, it might be what you’ve got. apparently it’s fairly common for MSers. i’ve recently developed it, which is annoying, but nothing to be alarmed about according to my gp, i just need to avoid getting my hands cold. i think i’ve also got the symptoms in my feet, a little. i’ve taken to rummaging in my freezer wearing oven gloves (i wear them when i’ve ‘liberated’ one of my daughters ice-pops too).

of course, it might just be yet another peculiarity of ms, weird old condition, innit?

wendy x