New pain?

Hello, for the past 2 evenings, only in the evenings, I have had quite bad pain/weakness in my fingers/hands. A bit like a virus but more painful. Ms related does anyone think, I feel ok otherwise, just a bit tired. Thank you,

Hi grannysue,

I’m afraid I can’t answer your question as I’m a newby, but just wanted to say hi and bump your post back to page 1. Hopefully someone with more experience will be along to help shortly,

Hope the pain is a bit better today.


I get achiness in my fingers quite often especially when I am tired ie in the evenings, or if I have been baking, gardening writing by hand or anything that uses my hands more. They get quite crampy and I also get stabbing pains in the fingertips if I stretch my fingers out to reach for something. It’s quite hard to explain the pain but they also feel weak. I also often wake in the morning and they are too weak to hold anything until I can get them moving a bit. Does any of that sound familiar? All of my relapses have affected my hands to a certain extent and each time they seem to leave a little bit of damage - usually pins and needles forever and the achiness when I overdo things.

Tracey x

thank you for your replies. yes, but unfortunately, everything seems familiar. i am lucky, i suppose that i dont seem to get anything too worrying now i have got used to how i am??? i also get numbness that comes and goes in my fingers and feet. i have accassionally a cold spot only about the size of two, two pound coins (quite strange) on my foot, wobbly/tired legs, buzzing in my lower back/buttocks if i have walked fast, and sometimes just really, really tired. this all comes and goes, then i will get something and think, thats new, then it goes too. is it normal to have these things come and go without it being an episode? awaiting the results of evoked potentials (had a lesion at c5/6 3 1/2 yrs ago) symptoms were more obvious then, and scarey as first episode, am at that point now where i want the dx, but at the same time i dont want it. been going on too long sorry, i have diversified a little,

best wishes to you all x

Hi grannysue

Didn’t realise you weren’t dx yet. It is normal to be plagued with lots of little symptoms that come and go and also find some that are more persistent and just want to stay forever.

Most things get better after a relapse but I have always been left with one or two things that just don’t go away like the pins and needles/numbness in my toes and fingers. The pins and needles gets worse in my feet with exertion but then fades away when I rest. The numbness happens in random toes each day, at least life is never dull. On my left hand, my thumb and first finger have very little feeling in the fingertips. When my hands are warm, the pins and needles spreads to all my fingers on both hands so I prefer to keep my hands cold. I have to be careful about doing the same with my feet as I have been getting chillblains on my toes as I often don’t notice how cold they have become until they turn white or blue.

Fatigue is a very common symptom in MS, it can be an overwhelming tiredness so that you just want to sleep wherever you are or it can be muscle fatigue which makes your arms or legs feel very heavy and tire quickly. It can also affect cognition, commonly known as ‘brain fog’.

I hope you get some answers soon. Three and a half years is a long time to wonder what is happening to you.

Tracey x