Coldness as a sensory symptom???

I keep feeling really cold to my core, mainly my torso, when I’m not actually cold - eg. I’m not shivering, and adding more layers makes no difference other than to make me too hot. Happens a lot at night, which is messing up my sleep.

I suspect is it neuropathic pain / weird MS hug, and MS nurse thinks the same - though she’s told me to check with GP too. Anyone else have this?? It comes on suddenly and lasts for about an hour.


I came onto the forum tonight and was going to ask the question, ‘does anyone else feel the cold’.

I can’t seem to regulate my body temperature and if I get cold I can’t seem to warm up. Exercise, layers, swimming, nothing works. It makes me feel dizzy and weirdly head’y. I have tried hot baths but to no avail. Currently I am in bed early, under three duvets, two leggings, two t shirts and a jumper?! Shucks. Becca and grandma, I do hope that you get warm soon.

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I think that sometimes you can get things go wrong with your internal thermostat. So the nerves that tell you whether you’re hot or cold just don’t work properly.

It’s maybe connected to the pins and needles type sensory things that go wrong with extremities. Or as you say Becca, with the ‘hug’. Some of the neuropathic pain drugs might help, (Amitriptyline perhaps?)

It’s truly horrible when you can’t trust the temperature your body is telling you you’re feeling.


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So it’s not just me then! :slight_smile: Sorry you’re all suffering with it too! My temperature can also soar really quickly - especially when I’m eating hot food (don’t think it’s perimenopause flushes). Need servants to follow us around with armfuls of clothes/blankets as required…

Oh, it is sad that we struggle with stuff but brilliant to share it here and know that We are not alone.

Be careful about the temperature thing though, my husband checked my bath water and it was boiling hot. I was in the bath trying to warm up. Came out looking like a boiled lobster. Bought a big red slipper thing that you stick both feet in! Going to sit here and wait for the spring!

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All of the above.

Thermostat broke years ago and husband is now used to me begging for hot water bottle and by the time he has boiled the kettle I am begging for the fan.

I can look like a boiled lobster without even going near water.

Not nice and I find it very tiring.


Hello Becca.

I’m bi-thermal. I wear tee shirts with fleece lined trousers.

It’s mad.


Hi , does anybody else have problems with computer screens ? We use touch screen monitors at work but I can be trying to touch one letter on the screen and be convinced that I have pressed that letter but have really pressed another letter three lines down or to another side of the screen . I am having real problems with my depth perception and wondered if it had anything to do with that . DOes anybody know of any adaptations that I could get done to help me continue to do the computer part of my job ? Any ideas would be appreciated .


Hello Helen

I don’t have any answers for you. But can I suggest you start a new thread as you may find other people have experienced the same as you and (hopefully) found a solution. You’ve joined on a thread about temperature.

To start your own, hit the button marked New Thread, give it a title and post your information and questions.


Hi Sue , thanks for the tip . As you can probably guess that was my first attempt at leaving anything on a forum web site . Helen .

Hi Sue , I have just had another thought . I also posted a comment to Becca about the freezing feeling but that seems to have disappeared so heaven alone knows where that went . As you can see I am so good at this forum thingy , not .

Helen .

Confirmation. Hi I just popped on to have a look and noticed these comments. I recently raised the subject with my MS nurse as for the first time in 46 years I was having issued with being cold. She confirmed that this is quite a known issue with MS as is those who have issues with heat in the summer. Being cold isn’t nice and as people have said, cold to the core is horrible. On the funny side, it is not uncommon to find me sitting on the floor with my back to the radiator, much to the confusion of my dogs!

Always been cold. The only time I feel really well is when it is warm, I feel even better when it is hot. If we have a heatwave and people are passing out due to the heat or humidity, I can actually feel my toes!

Its the first thing I have to tell any new health specialists as a lot of info is based on keeping cool, I am the opposite. Although I too have temperature control problems.

I also sit with my back to the radiator, the gentleman who lived here before me put in a floor to ceiling wide radiator, it is wonderful.

I have found after some years of trial and error that the only thing that manages to keep my body happy with the weather, seasons, cold etc… is to try to keep the general temperature of the house the same without sudden heat or cold. My bones and temperature regulation are better when this is good. If it is changed by sudden weather systems (like the last few weeks), I’m more than useless and nothing works properly.

I wouldn’t mind someone investing and creating a full length, body water bottle for the other side of the bed! With particular attention to the feet area.

Hi, yes I get both both, heat and cold, cold mainly during the day, in both legs, feet, arm and hands, then at night it turns to burning, again in those areas, daft as it sounds it’s that bad I have to wear cold pads to bed, my skin is so red, I have a bed cradle to keep covers off, my Neuro told me it’s ms, my thermostat is shot, x

Itching & burning legs was one of the few “first’s” MS symptoms way back in 2008! I was told I’d either been stung or an allergic reaction. GP said it was only itch/scratch syndrome!!

Yes, I get very cold to frozen. Even goose bumps over my skin, hubby saying “it’s red hot in here” or words to that effect.

Has Greenhouse intentionally used the wrong vowel in the last word? Forgive my humour Chrissie x

my legs are actually painful when it is cold.

i can walk into asda fine and normal but once in the chiller aisle my walking goes mental!

today was bright and mild - wonderful and my walking was fab.

On this subject my wife seems to be badly effected by Cold and ashamed to say i cleverly ran out of heating oil last Thursday, when the minus 6 temps and snow hit! Got the delivery today which is a relief after more than a week of her attempting to keep warm by using the open fire. I feel so guilty but with various things going,having to have one of our dogs put down then the other slipping a disc etc,i had been checking and new it was low but just forgot to place order.