New cat litter box nearly kills me!

Had a new cat litter box delivered this afternoon.

This is the MS version of a simple everyday activity.

I knew the box was coming but I was due a nap so I struggled to stay awake to accept the parcel. I can’t get right to the front door with my wheelchair but the delivery guy was helpful and popped it in the hall without a signature when I buzzed him in. Massive box and loads of packaging as only Amazon know how.

First empty and get rid of old litter tray. I can just get to the black bin if I’m careful. Ensemble new tray and fill with very heavy litter. Then put packaging in a dustbin bag for my daughter to put in the green bin when she comes tomorrow. It doesn’t sound much but I’m so exhausted I could weep.

Most of the time I don’t rail about having MS - it is what it is. But feeling like this after such a little thing as swapping a bloody cat litter tray is enough to try the patience of a saint.


From what you’ve described, I can totally understand your frustration and exhaustion!! I hate afternoon deliveries as it’s the part of the day when tiredness can really hit me! I hope your cat appreciates it’s new box :wink:


But it isn’t just swapping a cat litter tray, it’s having your valuable routine disrupted, it’s having to struggle with the chair to accept a parcel, it’s picking up the parcel and opening a parcel that doesn’t want to be opened, it’s picking up a litter tray and emptying it, it’s opening a heavy litter bag and filling the litter tray, it’s putting the litter tray where it belongs, it’s disposing of the packaging, it’s a million and one things that people do without thinking about it. It’s what we struggle with every day usually with a smile but every now and then it’s so hard to keep smiling so we have a grumble and you know what? We are entitled to grumble every now and then.

Hope you’re feeling a little better this evening.

Jan x

My mum has a ‘indoor cat’ - and l noticed her cat litter box was getting smelly. So l suggested we gave it a good scrub. Mum has no sense of smell - she is 91 - and she was a bit indignant about me saying it smelt. She uses the heavy Fullers Earth type of litter - and she does clean it out everyday - but after a while l think the plastic does absorb the smell. So we tipped out the heavy litter and gave the box and its lid a good scrub. l also washed the floor underneath and around the box. l have tried to get her to use the liners - but she does not like them. And also will not use the wood-pellet type of litter - which l find does not smell as much as the heavy clumping stuff.

Anyway, much fresher now. Just hope her cat is not put off by the superclean loo. But it is a bulky/heavy item to move and pick up so l can imagine how you have struggled with your new one plus the packaging. Thankfully, my little cat comes in and out through the bathroom window - via the leanto roof. Leaving paw prints on the wall!

This is just a cat litter event that happened to me recently… I only have a litter tray on the go if my three aged cats are being left alone late into the evening. i always put plenty of litter in it and last time I was carrying the tray into the garden to empty it the following day. Now, I have quite a high doorstep from the kitchen to the back garden and I often trip if I’m not careful…

The entire tray of litter made a fantastic noise as it landed and spread all over the patio !!