Oh crap!

Was going to add to the ‘Negativity winning’ thread, but as it’s on the PP section of the site, thought it might be better to start a new thread in the Everyday Living section.

However, Negativity is definitely winning this morning!

Couldn’t take my usual concoction of stuff to blank out pain and help me sleep last night because I have to be mentally alert (well as mentally alert as I ever am!) for a zoom meeting later on; but in doing so, I hardly slept, woke in awful pain, thoughts started going down a dark hole…

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Sorry to hear you are having a rubbish time, I wish I could say or do something to help. Horrible options when choosing your compromise for the day.
Hope things are a bit better soon.

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What rotten luck. I so get how exhausting it is, constantly having to balance off competing goals (comfort-v-alertness, for instance) when there just isn’t any stable point of balance to be found. I hope that tonight is a better night and that tomorrow is a better day.

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Oh carp (or similar words) are really all you can say sometimes.

Poor you. Trying to keep a sensible brain while suffering pain! It’s not bloody fair.

Today I was sooooo knackered. I’ve had day after day of insufficient sleep. Yesterday I tried to nap on my bed for a hour in the afternoon but my sweet little ¥#*§@‘ cat decided to yell his feline head off outside the door. I got up, he bounced in the room (as much as an old beast with arthritis can do), jumped straight on the bed and went to sleep.

Today I was even more exhausted. Got up early for a phone appointment with a hospital doctor (9am! Thank cod it wasn’t an in person appointment - she couldn’t see I was dressed in my pjs!). By 11.30 I gave up and went to bed. Today earplugs were in, quilt over my head and I slept for an hour and a half. Just what was needed.

So tonight, I am planning (hoping for) a better night for you and for me!



I love it when I’m offered a 9 am appointment. I am in pretty good nick but it takes me a couple of hours to ensure I am suitable for public environments. Hope you get a good kip.

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Hi, shame you didnt just take your usual concoction of stuff, seeing as you lost sleep anyway and will feel still feel yeuk for zoom. Hindsight etc…

I think this time of year can be quite depressing for lots of folk…cold, so bitterly cold…and dark nights. Bring on the spring eh?

What can we say to rally you? Dunno really chuck. Hang in there…

much love Boudsxx

I echo oh crap… Same old sugar honey iced tea first letters of = sh*t
acceptance I’m not there yet… But truly understand frustration!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Mind still is yes body is no chance… :thinking::kissing_heart:

We’ve got high winds/high tide flood alert where I live. Am watching the seawater running along the coastal path from my window, hasn’t come over onto the roads/into the houses (so far!) yet.
Keeping fingers, toes (in fact everything) crossed that it stays that way. :worried:

Where are you Wills? We’re quite protected here in Elland valley, from lots of nasty stuff they get up in Halifax and higher. Stay safe sweet.

North Wales coast Bouds… It’s a wild and windy day up here.
Flood warning has passed for now, until next high tide tonight and over the next 3 days.

We lost all the guttering along the seaward side of the house in storm Arwen, but got off pretty lightly compared to some neighbours who lost part of their roofs.

Glad to hear it’s fairly protected where you are. I really feel for those poor people who’ve been without power for a week now, must be awful in this cold weather.

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Cog-fog is kicking my butt at the moment. I’m trying to compose an email and just cannot think of the right words. It’s one of those ‘just on the tip of my tongue’ things. Arghh!!

If I weren’t so bothered about what the recipient thought, I wouldn’t worry about the words I used; but trying to get across the point that I was negatively affected by what they said, whilst remaining polite enough so that the relationship doesn’t totally fall apart… is difficult.

It wouldn’t be any easier to have this conversation with them verbally either, as I can (usually) express myself better in writing.

**** it, maybe I should’ve just stayed in bed today. :face_holding_back_tears: