Scary day for me tomorrow! Will it be YES or NO?

Ok gang… this is the score…

As some of you know, I’m hoping to move over to a sheltered scheme near my mum and sister. This is taking MUCH longer than expected because of long waiting lists. However I’ve decided just to stay on 2 waiting lists to schemes which accept cats… because I would dearly love a cat.

So I’m looking at about a 2 year wait.

In meantime I have asked the management of my scheme if I can have a cat. They have said ok… BUT they are having a resident’s meeting tomorrow afternoon to see if it’s ok with others living here.

Fingers firmly crossed I get the YES vote!!!

I have even found the cat I want. He’s at a rescue centre. He’s a 3 year old tabby called Benedict (I’m going to call him Dickie) and IF I get the go-ahead I can arrange to have him. He’s only got 3 legs so they want him to be an indoor cat (we can limp along together…)

I’m so excited and nervous!!!

Send me your best YES vote vibes please. I’m hoping to have Dickie moving in in the next few days.

Pat xx


Fingers crossed Pat hope you can have Dickie come live with you

J x

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You might have a better chance of a yes vote if people know he’s going to be an indoor cat, the problem most people have with cats is their using gardens as toilets.

Good luck

Jan x


Yes thanks Jan. Going to make that very clear. Also that he’s neutered, vaccinated & clean bill of health from vet.

Also going to make it clear that I can order cat food, litter etc from internet.

Also going to make it clear that I will kill anyone who objects…

Pat xx

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Hi Pat,

Got my fingers crossed for you and Dickie. I value the company of my four legged friend so much (Max the dog).

Hope the vote goes your way.

Snowqueen x

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HaHa love it.

Jan x

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That’s a far better name for a kitty than Benedict

Wishing you the very best of luck on this, the new home and kitty in the shorter term Three legs sounds just perfect for sharing with too

Sonia xx

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The meeting has been changed to next Thursday! Apparently the manager who is coming couldn’t come today.

Another week of waiting!!!

Pat xx

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Oh Pat, I really really hope you get a yes! Dickie sounds wonderful, we had two cats called Sylvester and Whisper many years ago before we had the children, They were really lovely personalities, I think pets can be such a big help to us, especially coping with this wretched disability …all those positive endorphins! …as you know Frazer has made such a difference to me, but most of it has been just having him there to love… me and him are so in tune, he’s my Kevin Costna (Body guard) … i think that dogs and cats can sense when you are sad, Sylvester my cat always could, i loved that cat so much he was a rescued tabby …he brought me so much joy. and Whisper a half Persian fluffy black cat always made me laugh.

Pat i really hope it works out you for with all your plans… you deserve loads of happy things to happen , Your always there helping all of us on this site with your positive comments and good advice.

Michelle x

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Thanks Michelle. I used to have a cat called Sylvester too!

Unfortunately I’ve just been told that the meeting is now NEXT Thursday as the manager who’s coming couldn’t make it. Another week of waiting!!!

I can’t wait to get him. Poor little chap has been in the rescue centre for ages.

Agree, cats and dogs do know when you’re sad and when you’re not well. So glad you have Frazer.

Pat xx

Oh I’m so so sorry you have to wait another week Pat…that’s so cruel for you and for Dickie.

sending you positive yes vote vibes!

Love Nina xx


The meeting is now tomorrow at 11.

Very pleased!

Pat xx

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Fingers crossed Pat - where would we all be without the love of our furry friends - how many legs they have. l had a semi-feral tabby cat for years. Toby. He got knocked down and had to lose a leg. He got used to his 3 legs straight away. And even managed to climb out of my bedroom balcony to get outside. He lived a long and happy life. Such a character- and good company.


Thanks for that Spacejacket. Some people here seemed quite shocked that I’m happy to have a three-legged cat. I honestly can’t see what the problem is.

Pat xx


Oh Pat I thought I had missed being able to send you my best, but then I see the meeting was postponed, so I am not too late.

I do so hope its a yes for both you and Dickie, our pets give us so much love, and always puts a smile on our face, even in the darker times.

I can’t think anybody would object as he is going to be an ‘inside’ cat, how could they object to that? Years ago when our son lived in a flat, he had an inside cat, didn’t interfere with anybody. Anyway Soot (and our son) still are together in a house now, and although hhe does venture outside in the garden he never goes anywhere else, hhe is a real pretty little cat and so loyal to our son and his daughter.

Fingers crossed that it’s good news for you Pat, you certainly deserve some.

Pam x

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Best of luck, Pat. How could they refuse to give a home to a three legged tabby? They’d have to have hearts of stone.

our two, Smokey Joe and Rumbelow, are a great source of companionship and pleasure to us. They are seventeen now, though, and racking up vet’s fees. Smokey is diabetic and has insulin twice a day, but is a real star and doesn’t mind at all.

They are the best cats we’ve ever had. They were born in the house. We will miss them and cry for days no doubt when they go.

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Hi Kev.

I outdo you on that one our Leo is 18 this month and we nickname him Victor ( after Victor Meldrew ) as he is a right grump. You can almost hear him say " I cannot beleive it"!!. He had to go our daughters for a few months while we were waiting for the house to be ready and he sulked for ages when he got back. He is so funny and I am dreading the day when he goes.

Good luck, Pam. Hope you get Dickie soon. He will soon take over the house and have you running after him. Our cat Leo is supposedly an outdoor cat but lately he has a quick look out to see what the weather is like and cones in to use the litter.

Mags xx

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Hello Pat.

I hope you get Dickie. We have Seymour who lost his back right leg after being run over. He is definitely not an indoor cat. He copes very well and is the most affectionate cat I have known. We did have three but Doris and Gladys had reached their end-18 and 19. When Seymour bursts through the cat flap, Rose shouts “Hello Seymour have you had your morning poo?” She even says it in the afternoon.

Best wishes, Steve. x

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Hi Pat

i am sending you lots if yes vibes. I hope the vote goes your way. It will be lovely company having a cat. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.



Wishing you all the very best with your new cat!