Dickie update

Hi gang, Just to let you all know that Dickie is doing very well.

I took him to the vet last week to have his 2nd vaccination. When we got back I put the carrier on the bed and opened the door… and when he came out he was so happy he started rolling about on the bed! I think he thought he was going back to the cat home.

It’s made such a huge difference to my life having him here. He’s such great company and seems to know instinctively when I am too tired to make a fuss of him.

I’ve got him a little tartan harness and hope he’ll get used to it so I can take him for walks in the garden.

Having this little furry cat to share my life with is wonderful.

Love to all,

Pat xx


awww Pat, Dickie loves being with you,too by the sound of it,hes settled in really well hasnt he ?

pets make such a difference to our lives dont they ?

J x


Oh Pat that’s a lovely post to read, thanks. Yesterday my thoughts went to Dickie, my one neighbour was beside himself, as he had not seen his cat for 24 hours, and I think he was worried that a car may have hit him by accident.

Anyway, all the neighbours were on ‘cat watch’ when suddenly this man’s next door neighbour went to get this car out the garage, and low and behold the missing cat walked out, quite happy I might add!!

I know exactly what you mean about the company Dickie gives you, I get that same pleasure from my little yorkie Alfie, who even sleeps on the bottom of my bbed. In fact, I don’t think he thinks of himself as a dog, I am sure he thinks he is royalty!

So glad having Dickie has enhanced your life, take care.

Pam x


I’m so pleased for you Pat, I think pets make such a difference to our lives.

I have two dogs a little Yorkie Shitzu cross called Betty and a Labrador called Lottie, they bring so much joy to my life.

I should think Dickie thinks he’s gone to heaven, living with you after years in a cats home.

You sound like " purrfect " companions!

love Nina xx


Hello Pat.

I always like hearing about pet cats. We had a scare with Seymour a few years ago. He was missing for 3 days but came bounding in starving on a Saturday morning. We never found which garage he’d been locked in.

Does Dickie still try to scratch his ear with the missing leg? Our Seymour does. He arches to the right and his little stump goes ten do the dozen. If I’m in range I’ll do it for him.

Best wishes, Steve. x


Lovely post Pat. I’m sure your cat is very happy with you, certainly sounds it. Pets are such good company and their love and affection is given so freely, a real pleasure. We haven’t got a pretty of our own but I kidnap my mum and dad’s Shih Tsu very often now, keeping him a lot to try and make things easier for mum. He’s a real treasure, he makes you feel so welcome when you go round, he sits and howls what sounds like hellooooooowww. I could cuddle him all day. Don’t you feel relaxed watching him? I do!

Enjoy him.

Cath x


Hi Steve, yes he does. The little stump goes like crazy.

I give his right side… where leg is missing… a good scratch with my fingers… esp behind ear.

He loves it! Seems we are both making up for lost limbs!

He’s getting much more daring now and will jump off the sofa. But can’t jump on bed. He pulls himself up with his claws. I’ll be lying in bed and see this little eager head appear. Honestly he melts my heart!

Have a nice evening,

Pat xx


Incredibly relaxing Cath. He just cheers me up so much! And he’s such a good boy. Very clean!

He has his crazy moments though and gave me a nasty scratch. So I read up about it on internet.

When he goes crazy and tries to scratch me I say No very firmly and then ignore him for half an hour. It’s incredibly difficult to do as he sits looking at me and I’m not even meant to make eye contact. But I have to teach him not to play roughly like that. When he plays nicely I make a big fuss and give him Dreamies. I think it’s starting to work.

But 99% of the time he’s a darling and he can’t help it that nobody’s taught him to be more gentle.

Glad you have you mum and dad’s little dog. I love Shih Tsu’s.

Pat xx


Lovely lovely posts. I love people who love animals!

We have five abandoned cats. One is still terribly timid, but he had an awful life before we got him. He was carrying an old injury or being hit by a car. His jaw was smashed to bits. He couldn’t eat, drink without crying pitifully, hence being very thin. Ony a young cat. He had lost most of his fur, his eyes were pouring puss and he was almost blind. Oh and his tail…

Anyway got him to the vet and after four months and many probs he was fine. The vet said he wasn’t sure he would survive the op, only another couple of hours and he would have died.

You should see him now, what a corker! Still very timid, even with me. He still swipes at you if he is unsure. But then he realises it is us and he licks where he has just tried to scratch! So Dickie will get there.

We called ours Scrappie (he was such a scrap of nothing when we found him). He is now so loyal. Wherever I go, he goes, doesn’t wander far. Walks alongside us. When he was first with us he could not roll over at all, let alone onto his back. Now he does it whenever he can. Just him saying “Look Mum, I am so happy I can do this I am going to show you all the time!”

Don’t know if anyone read my blog about 0300?! Couldn’t sleep if there was anyone else out there having trouble? An update if you did read it.

Was stung yesterday three times by a horsefly. This happened two years ago too and I had a very bad reaction. Ended up in hospital on steroids. Guess what? Had to go to hospital this a.m. and now having steroids. The bites are close by on the same leg, so walking is very difficult. Just measured them and the inflammations are 15 cms across and 16 cms long. The other one is even bigger, but on my bottom so difficult to measure on my own!

Had to measure them to keep an eye on them. If they don’t go down soon back to doctor.

Anyone else had this problem and if so, what can I do? I have steroid cream to take down the itch but it doesn’t really do much. Oral steroids for a couple of days. Two big black bruises and bruising all in the area. Lovely sight. Dr. (not mine, hosp) didn’t think it was a serious reaction but he is not an MS bod, didn’t know much about it all.

Any ideas would be great, cos this is truly sore and stopping me from moving around.




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I’m going really mushy reading all the lovely comments here.

I miss my Minnie, especially when I need a cuddle

So glad you’ve found a good companion

Sonia xx


Just read your messages about Dickie, its lovely that he has settled so well and is making such a difference to you. he sounds like a little darling.

Michelle x

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Please keep the Dickie updates coming, he sounds utterly adorable, and it cheered me up no end reading about him yesterday. He’s such a lucky cat to have such a lovely owner.

Jo x