Update nming Kitty

Hi All,

Sorry to have been away so long. I have had trouble with my computer and then trouble logging in! Anyway, I am cooking with gas now!

Kitty has finally been named. Thank you for all those who told me their ideas.

She is called Pickle. She is also known as Pixie or Pix. She is doing very well, she has met the other cats and all get on well. She is very funnhy and makes me laugh out loud every day. I am glad she joined our family.

Thanks everyone, hope you are all doing well as you can.


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Ahhh Pickle is a brilliant name!!! Purrfect!

So glad she’s doing well. Dickie makes me laugh too… I wish you could see his face when he smells something he doesn’t like… eg my moisturiser… he curls his top lip up in disgust.

Glad you’re back with us!

Pat xx

Hi Anne and a big HELLO to Pickle

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