tiny or what?

How do all!

Got a little house guest this week…my daughter`s new pup…a tiny 10 week old Jack Russel girl, called Willow.

The plan was for Lins to see a litter of pups, choose one and ask the breeder to keep her for 2 weeks while they go to Portugal for a week`s holiday.

But, no she couldnt resist and rang me after seeing the chosen pup. She said, Mum, listen to this.... I heard a little Yap, yap, yap. Will you look after her?

What could I say? Dad had the final say, as he`s the one doing all the work.

So shes here. I have never held such a tiny dog...ever! She and our Sophie take it in turns to be boss. Poodle runs at at her and knocks her over.....little one tugs at bigger ones fur and Sophie yells and hides.

Willow leaves lots of little calling cards everywhere, despite being taken into the garden often.

At night we put her in the bathroom, in her bed…she cries like a seagull…it`s heartbreaking.

Roll on next Monday!


Jack russells do not know how small they are lol. My Patch likes to chase all the big dogs and show them who is boss lol xxx

you are sure your daughter didn’t buy a gerbil?

we did wonder…had another breeder friend look at Willow today…he reckons she isnt as old as daughter was told…

ever heard the saying been sold a pup?

mmmm…the doggy squabbles continue…oh this is such hard work…


sounds like fun and games Poll.

J x

Still play fighting…but it gets scary sometimes and I have to separate them.