fluff balls!!

I wanted to declare that I’m a mummy to six tiny bantam chicks, who have got to be thee most gorgeous l’il bundles of fluff EVER!!! :smiley:


That was unexpected. I was trying to work out from the post title whether you were referring to those things the Americans call “dust bunnies”, or the things the cat throws up!

Sound much nicer than either.



Aw! I would love to have some chucks. Problem is where I live my garden is too small and lots of foxes locally. My allotment is 4.5 rods, so not big enough…and a resident fox :s. One day though! Xx

l bet they are cute - any particular type of bantam?. l had two Pekings - Rocky and Ginger -with the feathery legs/feet. Great characters. Alas, the fox got them - during the daytime and behind an electric mesh fence. One bantam hen l had was very broody - we put 6 fertile duck eggs under her. She hatched all 6 and looked after them - getting very cross with them everytime they went for a swim in the pond. She would rush up and down the side of the pond sqwarking at the ducklings - a very fiesty mum.

Think they’re Americuanos…??..or something like that haha but they are incredibly sweet. Luckily I’ve got a large garden that is sectioned off. We have, as well as the new babies, eight hens and five ducks amongst other pets. We kind of live in a menagerie!! :smiley:

Our garden is about an acre - with a large area with pond for the ducks. And the hens in a seperate enclosed run. Recently, we lost 3 ducks - each sitting on 12 eggs. We were concerned about what we would do with all these ‘extras’. Then the fox managed to get over the electric fence and dispatch all three girls plus their eggs about a day before they were due to hatch. Not a bit of shell or a feather to be seen. The electric fence is connected to the mains - not a battery!! lts always the female ducks the fox takes. Now we are left with too many drakes.

One of our male ducks - Arbuthnot - is a Crested Saxony. He looks as if he has a beret on his head. Some of his offspring have just a small amount of feathery crest.We have black lndian Runners and Khaki Campbells. The garden is surrounded with a 2 metre high solid fence. Even Buzzards/Crows have taken the duckling before now. l know they all have to eat - but the damn fox will kill for the sake of it.

Know where you’re coming from re foxes. We lost two lovely ducks. Heartbreaking to find them just torn apart… not even as if it wanted them for food :frowning: We’ve had no issues recently but they are secured in a locked coup at night and we’ve a German Shepherd patrolling the garden during the day, however that said, she’s gone for two hens when they were able to get through the fence!! The domesticated ‘wolf’ an all that!! :slight_smile:

Aww! Times like this, I wish we could share photos on this forum, they sound so sweet. One of my uncles has a few hens and my cousin shared a photo of one of them on FB, asking what people thought it is. It’s a Japanese silkie, apparently, but there were several responses along the lines of “That’s a hen?!”