24 hours of rain,ducks and prescious lawn

Hi thought this might bring a smile to anyone feeling down. Last friday we had torrential rain, Rob watched it running down the windows and wondered if he should go out and check if our darling ducks were making a mess of his lawn. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t a perfect specimen it seems that every time he gets it looking half way decent something happens.

Mr mole made an appearence not long after it was laid. in one night he threw up about a dozen mole hills and the 5 buckets of soil were removed. Someone suggested burying a musical card in the mole run with the thing open so the music was playing, we did that and every time you went to the part of the garden you could hear " santa . claus is coming to town" Mole seemed to like this as he built a huge hill over it I think I was running a disco. He moved on leaving his tunnels which now collapse making the lawn uneven.

Now I have call ducks who delight in trolling round the lawn looking for bugs. They have a pond which is big enough for them to swim and dive in, but it pales into insignificance when compared to a dip in the lawn and an ample supply of rain. By the time they were put to bed they had dabbled a mud hollow about a metre square. Clarissa our eldest duck at 15 has sight problems but when we saw her she was definately one extremely happy duck. Normally apricot coloured she was mud from tip of bill to toe it was running down her chest and dripping off her bill. The other ducks had seen us approaching and moved away but Clarry was too engrossed in her mud to bother, she did protest at being put to bed in her hut. By morning Rob had got over the damage but I think the ducks will take longer to forgive him for fencing off their mud hole they will have to make do with their pond until the next rain when they can get up to mischief again!!! Sue and clarissa duck