The Mudlark

Well it is another beautiful day - and l wanted to go through the bridleway in the woods - hoping to see the first of the bluebells.

The dogs love running around the woods - and they were having a wonderful time -------when ------ l was a bit too adventurous and tried to go through a deep muddy stretch. Now - my Tramper does usually get through most hazards - but to-day l got stuck in the thick gloopy clay. Had to ring OH - and he eventually turned up and pulled me out. l even had a pair of smart brown suede ankle boots on!!! - Just cleaned them up. Dogs loved the adventure. OH tells me that the game-keeper got stuck in his 4x4 in the same place. Lots of frog spawn around - and some lovely yellow butterflies.

So its time for a cuppa.

ps. Just ordered some of those ‘trax’ for getting cars out of mud and snow. They fold up - and l can get them in the carrier on the back. The only thing with them is - that once you are out of the mud - you then need to go back and pick up the trax. lt has taught me a lesson - l will be more careful - as l shall never live it down in this village if they hear l got stuck.

hi spacejacket

sounds like some adventure!

what a nice outing you were having before you got stuck!

enjoy your cuppa!

carole x

Thankgoodness you had your mobile phone to contact your OH. Enjoy the weather while you can as I believe it is to change at the weekend!

Moyna x

Sounds like a fun day out, spring has sprung kind of day

Jan x

We do not have very good mobile phone reception in this village - and our broadband speed is not as good as The Orkneys apparently. So yes l was lucky that l could get the phone to work. The Forestry people have cleared all this part of the woodland and have planted ‘hard wood’ oak and ash etc. All the softwood - pine - is coming down.

Everyone is amazed at my machine - The Tramper. And the local game-keeper calls it ‘Castrol’ Because it gets into everywhere.