Farewell to Slippery Serpents

Hello All,

I am afraid that I have just come on here for a moan. I have a compost heap in the garden, and there are usually some grass snakes breeding in there. I am just annoyed because I just can’t manage to look after the garden like I used to and now this compost heap will have to go. Yesterday my friend came round, and she is keen to take this for her huge garden. Perhaps she will attract hedgehogs and grass snakes too, but unfortunately of course I will not see them anymore. Sorry about this, moan over.

Best Wishes All,


lol i would have come and taken them off your hands i like reptiles. Have got 3 snakes a bearded dragon and 2 gekos. Im the sort of person that when i have come across addas insted of staying away i try to pick them up and take them home.

I understand how you feel - it’s sad.

it’s so annoying and upsetting when we have to let go of yet another part of our lives.

but i’m sure you’ll find something to take its place.

love carole x

Hello jms,

I am SO jealous of you having all of your reptiles. I find them so smart to look at, and sassy. I used to own a fire bellied salamander when I was a young thing, and a Mediteranean wall lizard when I was in my teens. I still have two rabbits (of course!) but I doubt if even these will be replaced.


Hello SGT and Carole,

I agree it is sad to see one chapter being closed on my life, but I am now growing anything that I find that the bees like; lavendar, chicory, viper’s bugloss, burdock, budleia etc, etc. Hopefully this new perennial garden will be easy to run, but still be useful to wildlife.

Have a good day,


I have done lots of things in pots this year - so I can sit down and garden. Have also tried strawberries in grobags raised up on a plank resting on bricks to make a raised bed. Still hasn’t stopped the mice and snails eating their fill - that’s the sort of wildlife I can do without!

Hello SGT,

I have to admit that I really like wood mice (UK’s most common mammal) and the only time I despair is when they pull up my newly planted sunflower seeds! They are still super cute though. We had one living in the compost heap too and it was so tiny (must have been a baby) that I could pick it up without being bitten because it’s little mouth was too small to get around my fingers. I have also tried butternut squash plants this year, and two tomato plants, but as there has been NO sun, there will be NO crops either. Humph.


PS. Don’t forget that some wood mice eat snails, so a they do some good deeds!

Hi Moira,

It hurts so much when the things we used to enjoy are no longer available to us - so you have every right to moan.

I feel the same as you.

I’ve had to find others hobbies which help, but all are based indoors now.

I hope you find something to fill the gap too.

(((((((HUGS)))))) Mary