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Thought I’d write,whether interested or not but I’m feeling very down. I’m reading other posts in the hope it’ll shake me out of this depression and be thankful that I’m not as bad as others…not worked. Even holding my daughters baby python who’s showing great interest in my phone isn’t cheering me either. What’s the point any more.


Has something happened recently to trigger this, beside MS of course?

BTW, are we talking a real python here?

Is it your granddaughter showing interest in the phone…sorry! easily confused


firstly its not a competition so dont compare yourself to others-its not helpful at all.

whats the point you ask? your life/actions affect lots of folk. not just the obvious ones like friends/family but ‘strangers’ on here. you have been the centre of my world whilst i replied to this! we dont know each other but theres a woman sat in scotland thinking of you right now… so thank you for distracting me from my own worries-even if just for a few minutes…

you do have good things to focus on-you just need to recognise them…

‘the real magic lies not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes’ to me that means that hiding/moving doesnt help but viewing things differently does. take care and enjoy ur ‘new eyes’


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I do realise I have a lot to keep going for but sometimes it all gets too much. I get frustrated that I can’t do things I used to love doing anymore. One of them was decorating. I used to love putting my iPod in, blasting tunes whilst painting. Now my balance, fatigue, weakness and grip have put the kabosh on that pleasure. Thankyou for your responses. Oh and blossom it was a real python, she’s a baby Royal python called Abaddon. My daughter owns four snakes and my son owns two. I used to be wary of them but now I think they’re brill. My fave is Salazar, he’s a five and a half foot corn snake and a real gentle lad :slight_smile:

Next time you’re ready for decorating, enjoy the designing and planning side and then let someone else do the donkey work. The important bit is what you have created.

I knew a lady that used to paint by holding the paintbrush in her mouth. Don’t give up doing the things you love, not until you have exhausted other ways of trying.

I understand about frustration, i think most people share that feeling with you. Hopefully it will pass soon and things will start to become more positive. Of course if it turns to clinical depression, then please see your gp for help.

Not sure what to say about pet snakes, prefer the fluffy type you buy in the supermarket

Take care

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Sorry lol, just giggling to myself…I do mix up things I read. I thought you meant painting as in oils/water colours

Was gonna say… Don’t fancy painting a wall with an emulsion brush in my mouth! You’ve succeeded in making me smile though :slight_smile:

You’re smiling! I nearly wet myself laughing, my imagination went into overdrive

Hiya! You ask whats the point anymore? there are at least 2 points why in your family, no?And then theres the snakes…they`d miss you!

Ive been struggling with meself for a few weeks...just mad at me for being disabled. I hate the chuffin word, but cant chuck it away or give it to someone else who deserves it more…so I gotta get on with it…

Hope you can pull yourself through hun…only ourselves can do it, eh? Hang on in there luv…if only for your fav snake!

luv Polx

Hope you are feeling more positive today. I have been quite down and tearful lately, I think it’s the change in circumstances. Could it be the same for you? It kind of feels like a bereavement and I’m mourning for how things were. Give it time I’m sure you will bounce back, if only to look out for the snakes

Id like to reword the above but I’ve done it three times and my screen freezes every time I try to delete something!!!

Thinking about you and hoping you are smiling today.

Jan xx