I’m so bored. I have some excellent friends and family as well, who involve me and talk to me etc etc, but everyone is getting on with their lives. New jobs, old jobs training, holidays, activities, doing stuff, and me? Getting through the day, washing, reading, odd jobs that I can barely manage, and just passing time. What a waste honestly. No, I’m not depressed or feeling particularly low, just wish I could do more etc etc. Disability is just a daily trudge to get up and make do, so boredom has set in today big style. This dreary weather is not helping, I want to do something but I can’t seem to think of anything new and challenging to do…I would jump up, go for a nice walk, go somewhere new where I wasn’t panicking about access, toilets, scooters, getting in and out. Imagine doing something new and worthwhile. Right I’ll stop, little rant …

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hiya slug

i hope thats helped-getting it out i mean.

your rant has brought a smile to my face-add that to ur list of good, meaningful things you have done today.

the b word has been banned in my house for 20+ years! my 4 kids were/are allowed to use bas*ard in context. if they dare utter the other one then i find them a job to do. appropriate to their current age-they are delighted i left my house with coal fire 2 years ago! lol!

ach-am not making light of ur situation-i am well aware how crap ms is and this will pass-the next adventure is just waiting for you.

i havent been very well recently so positive mind games are whats kept me going-i hope you feel focussed again soon.


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You sound better, I hope you are.


Thank you good people, and I love a postcard Grandma thanks. Ellie yes, I had a teacher who banned the word, we had to think of other ways to say it, tedious and uneventful etc. It must have slipped out by accident, naughty me xx