Hello All,

                This post has nothing to do with our mutual demon (MS), but I was wondering if anyone on our forum might have any ideas for a 'Plan b'. I have a wooden trough full of garden compost, and I was hoping to grow some veggies in this (mainly butternut squash), but no sooner was my back turned, then I notice that there are lots of tunnels dug into the compost, and I suspect Wood Mice; especially as I must have inadvertently dishomed these same critters when I emptied the compost heap (their previous abode) to fill the trough in the first place!!! My 'Plan a.' was to chop up lots of garlic and push this down each of the holes. But does anyone on our forum have a 'Plan b'?

                    Best of health to all,


And cat mint would be even better happy

Sorry, sorry, sorry....


Eat the mice

Or get a cat, then you'll never see another mouse again!  Unless it brings you one as a present......................

Janet x