glamour puss (not ms and not me either)

my nails have started splitting and catching on things so i got out a nail file and set to smoothing them.

both our cats materialised and watched very attentively. i’ve left the nail file out for them, wonder if they can do it?

oh dear me, small things amuse small minds and i was very amused.

carole x

Hi Carole,

Just a small tip I learnt when trying to stop biting my nails and make them stronger, I ate neat jelly everyday, only a couple of pieces though. I wonder if your cats would like that!!! LOL



I put my beautifully soft skin down to the gelatine in Wine Gums and Midget Gems.Chewing them is the only exercise I get,but it’s a shame about the multi- coloured face

As for the cats would they sign a clause to cut their claws for Santa Claus ?

Wb x

@janet - thanks for the advice

@Wb - another witty rejoinder, you do realise that i’m having continence problems? i can’t afford to have these unexpected giggles!

carole x

Carole,apologies,but what can’t you afford? Shall we have a whip round,pass the hat round,or pass the po.We wouldn’t want Santa to get the wrong idea and re-think what to put in his sack.

You’ll have to be TENNAcious .

Wb x

hey, your cats would be able to file their claws IF they had a thumb…like the ad says!

luv Pollx.

@poll - opposable thumbs, jog on kitty!

carole x