dead mouse day


i’ve just received my first ever trophy from our cat.

after all the cats i’ve had, this is the very first corpse i’ve found.

quite impressed with myself because there was no girly squealing, just curiosity.

i stood and stared at it, walked away feeling sad (poor little mouse).

then wondered how the heck it got here because our cat doesn’t go out.

so i out my hand inside a carrier bag, picked it up and moved it.

since then i’ve worried about the state of my life when moving a dead mouse seems such a big deal!

eeeeeeek! a mouse!!!

carole x

mice can get anywhere had them in two of the houses i had. some were coming through the fire, son has one in his flat but pest controller said Edinburgh was the second worse place in the UK for mice, at lease your cat is helping son wanted to get a cat, but said who looks after it when you are on holiday as i am alergic


Well done for being brave and removing the body!


Well done Carole, my mum has cats and they do leave gifts. I’m not often in her house but there was a dead mouse not so long ago and I can’t stand them. I’m ok with living things, spiders etc no problem, but dead things, oooooooohhh just creep me out.

a pigeon flew into on of our upstairs windows, and killed itself, it was left lying on the garden, my husband had to move it. It did leave a really eerie mark on window, all outstretched wings and such, it was ghostly but a beautiful but really sad coz por thing had died.

ha ha ha slug!

at our previous house we had an old cat who liked to sit on the windowsill staring at outside.

whilst we were sat gazing at her a bird flew right at the window as though it was aiming for her.

poor cat fell off the windowsill. then wanted to go out (to exact revenge).

hubby went and moved the bird which was stunned but still alive.

he put it on the shed roof and wouldn’t let the cat out until it had flown away.

carole x