Guess what ran into my bedroom on Saturday night...

A mouse!!!

I was sitting up in bed watching telly and it came running in the bedroom, turned round and ran out again!

I get so much movement in my periphery vision and always think there’s a mouse, so for split-second I didn’t believe it… but there was no doubt… that was a mouse! (quite big and black… oh please don’t let it be a baby rat!)

Think it came under gap under front door… and think (hope and pray) that it left the same way!!!

Manager has called pest control.

How many of you golden oldies remember this:

There was a mouse, where? there on the stair, there on the stair, right there. A little mouse with clogs on…

Pat x (and how many of you will now be singing it for the rest of the day!)

Going clip clippety clop on the stair…oh dear!

“This mouse he got lonesome, he took him a wife
A windmill with mice in, it’s hardly surprisin’”

Quality lyrics. Ronnie Hilton rocked!

Oh no! I hate mice and stuff nasty in the house!

Hope the pest control do their job!

Mouse was probably looking for somewhere warm…chuff that, eh?

luv Pollx

Want a laugh i used to work in a clothing factory being an overlocker the place used to regularly have field mice me and a friend seen one and it went into the managers office.The manager was not in there at the time i sat on the floor and she shoed it towards me so i could gab it ,When it ran up my jeans leg i shot up screamed it was running around in my jeans.Lucky i didnt get biten else not sure how would of explained it ,i dropped my jeans and it jumped out.It was about 20 years ago but i never forgot it it was so funny would of got on you`ve been framed for sure. xxjulie

Oooh Julie makes me shiver just to think about it!

Once when I was living in the States, I was sitting at a bar and suddenly felt something very tickley running up my leg (of course now I would ignore it as everyday occurance!)… I ran into loo, pulled my jeans down & a huge cockroach fell out! OMG horrid!!!

Luckily I haven’t seen the mouse again. I’m sure it ran back out through gap under door… and I’ve now got a thing I got on Ebay that covers the gap.

Mind the gap!!! Ha!

Pat x

Yuk a cockroach creepy crawlys i hate earwigs my grandma used to tell me they go in you ears and eat your brains i think it traumatised me as a kid.It was that lilac bush in her gardern that i used to hide in lolxx julie

Hahahahah… I was also told that!

Another one was that if you swallowed orange or apple pips a tree would grow inside you! I can still picture the horror of branches coming out of my ears and eyes!

When I was breast feeding my son (who is 41 today!) a neighbour told me not to eat tomatoes as the seeds would block the milk…

Pat xx

It like the old wifes tail of getting piles from sitting on a cold floorive had piles and i know you dont get them from a cold floorxx julie

Happy birthday to Pat’s son

Its just took me ages to log in to be able to post a message, not much good with computers but i got there in the end, well proud of myself. k*****d now though.

Lisa x

Happy birthday to you too Julie

Lisa x

[quote=“Lisa ann 67”]

Happy birthday to you too Julie

Lisa x

[/quote] Bet you see same neurologist as my husband do you go general too? it was my birthday 16th feb ,kind off got put in backboiler this year lol with all the stuff thats been happerning .xx julie

Julie just realised the date you put, but go on have a belated happy birthday. i was having a mad moment, thats twice today so far. was up at a parents and toddler group this morning (my youngest is 8 but i still go) anyway we were talking about our kids going on a school trip and someone said about a girl who was ill on the coach, she comes and plays with my lad loads and i couldnt place her, all the ladies were explaining who she was, it took ages to think who it was.

I used to see dr Critchley but i saw dr Nickfeckr in Jan ( he is the ms consultant) thats when i was told i’ve got ppms. saw Alison smith ( ms nurse) in feb.

Who does your hubby see

Lisa x


Worried husband has ppms his symptoms are not going away and he is getting more symptoms as time goes on he had been going royal since 2000 opthalmology dept as he also has uveitis.

Hi Julie, yes at the General, sorry i just assumed that was where we all went, i did’nt know the royal does it too.

Yes i’m not getting better, infact i think i’m getting worse but it’s only little changes that i can’t always remember if i was like it before or not.Sounds silly i know but my memory is terrible.

Lisa x