New back door fiited

New lock & the key has already gone missing.

After someone has already tried prising the door open.

So much for a safe work shop. Such lovely people out there.


Should of brought a double barrel shotgun & CCTV instead.

Some folks just don’t like people getting on with their lives.

Open Door 24/7 now. Lovely PPMS, is that the fault of the government too. Idiots!

Instead of feeding the birds, I should just leave 50p on the window sill.

hiya t

how did the key get out your pocket?

thats where i keep mine!

e x

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It was left on my window sill, so I know where it is / was.

That doesn’t explain the split frame, misplacing a key & a screw driver scrape all across the door.

Maybe I should visit the local nuero psychologist. Scars on the brain & a door, are quite similar. They’re both a bit bizarre & unexplainable. I’ll know when all my tools go missing too.

I’m just paranoid e.

T be popular.

Oh Terry, more upset for you.

Are you having people around who you dont trust still?

Have you thought about moving to a different area and starting afresh?


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I have a strong Neodymium magnet, that attracts them, where ever I am.

Not sure why though.

I’ve moved already & lost too much. I wont be moving again!

I’m getting a thick skin & sprouting roots. Slugs eat bulbs apparently.


lose the magnet!


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