Any ideas please

Hi everyone

Hope you are all OK at this busy time of year.

My hubby is in hospital with a urine infection, so this problem has never arisen before, but I wonder if anyone has any suggestions please.

I can get to my local shop in my wheelchair, but I have a concrete ramp to get out the door, but when outside I can’t reach the door to shut it. I tied one of his ties on the handle and pulled it behind me, but cos of the ramp I can’t reach to lock it. I have tried going sideways on the ramp to reach, but two of my wheels are then off the ground, and it frightens me that I will fall out.

Anyone had this problem, and if so, how did you overcome it please.

B****y ms.

Pam x

Hello Pam,

It sounds very frustrating. We have a deadlock on our door half way down which makes it easier. But that’s a more long term solution. When I’ve been really pushed, I’ve found that ringing up to ask people to bring things to me-including shops, sometimes works. I usually explain my predicament which usually makes it more acceptable as a temporary solution.

We do a lot of local shopping so most have been very helpful.

All the best, Steve


Have you got a neighbour you could ask to lock and unlock the door? It’s very frustrating when simple things like locking a door present such a problem

Hope you husband recovers soon.

Jan d

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I remember somebody on here a few years ago with this problem.

It was then suggested he or she get an electronic lock… you know, it’s like a car lock where you press a button to lock or unlock the door.

It reminded me that I had a paraplegic neighbour a few years ago and he had one also.

I’ve no idea how expensive they are or how you fit them… but you could try googling. It might be as simple as calling a locksmith.

Also Pam I suggest in the morning you call Social Services. It’s just the sort of thing they might be able to help with somehow.

Good luck… hope you can work something out and hope your husband makes a quick recovery.

Pat xx

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In the long run would it work to move the locks lower down…if that is at all possible, I guess it would have to be a wooden door…ok I’ll shut up

Jan x


Hi Pam, so sorry to hear your hubby is not so good.

As someone else said, maybe the social services could offer a door lock solution…but thing is, you need it NOW, dont you?

luv Pollx

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Hi Pam, I hope your husband is getting better, hope your not still doing wheelchair acrobats on your ramp trying to lock your door.

Like the others have suggested social services should be able to assist,as this could be deemed as you being a prisoner in your home. Maybe an automatic door closer/release operated with a fob could be an option.

Take care Pauline xx


Thank you all so much for your kind words and suggestions. My neighbour next door is doing it for me whilst Phil is in hospital, and when he comes home we are going to look at this problem and find a solution.

Quick update…Phil has been in a week and they have done tests to find out why he could not pass any urine.He has a severe urine infection, caused by him having an enlarged prostrate, so now (hopefully) he is on the correct treatment. They are hoping by next Tuesday he can be discharged, but have told him he will have to keep the catheter in place for 4 weeks, and then see if he can pass water, fingers crossed.

My 15 year old grandson has been staying with me since day one,and is adamant he will not go home until his Grampy is home, how lovely is that.

Hope you are all doing OK, sorry I have not replied individually, but as you will all appreciate, at the moment so much going on, I am so tired, but I so appreciate your support.

Pam x

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Well done to your Grandson, give him a special thank you from me Our young people don’t get enough praise in the media who only seem to report on bad stuff.

Jan x

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spot on, Jan. I echo your comment. Pam, I’m glad you’ve solved your dilemma, you scared me when you said about the wheelchair being unstable on the slope.

Kev x

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Hi Pam, good to hear all is o.k, yep and scared me to,we do the most dangerous things sometimes just to try and prove we can cope without intervention don’t we Pam!!!

Pauline xxx

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Hi Pam,

So sorry you’ve been having such a rotten time, I do hope your husband will soon be on the mend and back home with you and you can get your door sorted.

How lovely of your Grandson, 15 isn’t usually the age for thoughtfulness so he must be a lovely lad!

thinking of you,

love Nina x


Sending love Pam and hope hubby is home soon.

What a wonderful grandson!!!

Thinking of you,

Pat xx


HI Pam, hope your husbands home for xmas

J x

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Thanks Mrs J, they are talking either Monday or Tuesday, fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

Pam x